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Ph.D. publication productivity: the role of gender and race in supervision in South Africa 1-gen-2023 Rossello, G.; Cowan, R.; Mairesse, J.
The effect of government cuts of doctoral scholarships on science 1-gen-2023 Rossello, Giulia
The Effect of Lobbies’ Narratives on Academics’ Perceptions of Scientific Publishing: An Information Provision Experiment 1-gen-2023 Rossello, Giulia; Martinelli, Arianna
The Role of the Marrakesh Treaty in Supporting Access to Printed Material for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: A Critical Discussion of the Results of an Empirical Study Conducted in Six European Countries 1-gen-2023 Ferri, Delia; Rossello, Giulia
The Role of Early-Career University Prestige Stratification on the Future Academic Performance of Scholars 1-gen-2022 González-Sauri, Mario; Rossello, Giulia
Social Transformations and Labour Market Entry: An Investigation into University Systems in Emerging Economies 1-gen-2021 Rossello, Giulia
Ph.D. research output in STEM: the role of gender and race in supervision 1-gen-2020 Rossello, G.; Cowan, R.; Mairesse, J.
Far from random? The role of homophily in student supervision 1-gen-2019 Rossello, G.; Cowan, R.
The role of early-career university prestige stratification on the future academic performance of scholars 1-gen-2019 Gonzalez Sauri, Mario; Rossello, G.
Emergent structures in faculty hiring networks, and the effects of mobility on academic performance 1-gen-2018 Cowan, R.; Rossello, G.