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Assessment of radiation protection awareness and knowledge about radiological examination doses among Italian radiographers 1-gen-2016 Paolicchi, F.; Miniati, Filippo; Bastiani, L.; Faggioni, L.; Ciaramella, Andrea; Creonti, Irene; Sottocornola, Chiara; Dionisi, C.; Caramella, D.
Automated contrast medium monitoring system for computed tomography - Intra-institutional audit 1-gen-2015 Lauretti, DARIO LUCA; Neri, Emanuele; Faggioni, Lorenzo; Paolicchi, Fabio; Caramella, Davide; Bartolozzi, Carlo
Awareness of radiation protection and dose levels of imaging procedures among medical students, radiography students, and radiology residents at an academic hospital: Results of a comprehensive survey 1-gen-2017 Faggioni, Lorenzo; Paolicchi, Fabio; Bastiani, Luca; Guido, Davide; Caramella, Davide
A comprehensive assessment of physical image quality of five different scanners for head CT imaging as clinically used at a single hospital centre—A phantom study 1-gen-2021 Barca, P.; Paolicchi, F.; Aringhieri, G.; Palmas, F.; Marfisi, D.; Fantacci, M. E.; Caramella, D.; Giannelli, M.
Radiation dose exposure in patients affected by lymphoma undergoing repeat CT examinations: how to manage the radiation dose variability 1-gen-2017 Paolicchi, Fabio; Bastiani, Luca; Guido, Davide; Dore, Antonio; Aringhieri, Giacomo; Caramella, Davide