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Trigeminal Stimulation and Visuospatial Performance: The Struggle between Chewing and Trigeminal Asymmetries 1-gen-2023 TRAMONTI FANTOZZI, MARIA PAOLA; De Cicco, Vincenzo; D'Ascanio, Paola; Cataldo, Enrico; De Cicco, Davide; Bruschini, Luca; Barresi, Massimo; Faraguna, Ugo; Manzoni, Diego
Trigeminal input, pupil size and cognitive performance: From oral to brain matter 1-gen-2020 Tramonti Fantozzi, M. P.; De Cicco, V.; Argento, S.; De Cicco, D.; Barresi, M.; Cataldo, E.; Bruschini, L.; D'Ascanio, P.; Faraguna, U.; Manzoni, D.
Short-term effects of chewing on task performance and task-induced mydriasis: Trigeminal influence on the arousal systems 1-gen-2017 Tramonti Fantozzi, Maria Paola; De Cicco, Vincenzo; Barresi, Massimo; Cataldo, Enrico; Faraguna, Ugo; Bruschini, Luca; Manzoni, Diego
Trigeminal, Visceral and Vestibular Inputs May Improve Cognitive Functions by Acting through the Locus Coeruleus and the Ascending Reticular Activating System: A New Hypothesis 1-gen-2017 De Cicco, Vincenzo; Tramonti Fantozzi, Maria P; Cataldo, Enrico; Barresi, Massimo; Bruschini, Luca; Faraguna, Ugo; Manzoni, Diego