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A retrospective study on the relationships between semen quality, dogs’ ageing and fertility 1-gen-2016 Rota, Alessandra; Tesi, Matteo; Di Petta, Gloria; Sabatini, Chiara; Vannozzi, Iacopo
B-mode ultrasound examination of canine mammary gland neoplastic lesions of small size (diameter < 2 cm) 1-gen-2018 Vannozzi, Iacopo; Tesi, Matteo; Zangheri, Marta; Innocenti, Viola Maria; Rota, Alessandra; Citi, Simonetta; Poli, Alessandro
Corpus luteum vascularization and progesterone production in Autumn and Winter cycles of the mare: relationship between ultrasonographic characteristics of corpora lutea and plasma progesterone concentration in the last cycles before anestrus 1-gen-2017 Panzani, Duccio; Di Vita Maria, Luisa; Lainè Anne, Lyse; Guillaume, Daniel; Rota, Alessandra; Tesi, Matteo; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Camillo, Francesco
Cryopreservation of donkey embryos: Comparison of embryo survival rate after in vitro culture between conventional freezing and vitrification 1-gen-2020 Fanelli, D.; Panzani, D.; Rota, A.; Tesi, M.; Camillo, F.; Bollwein, H.; Herrera, C.
Follow up evaluation in bitches subjected to medical, surgical or combined treatment for pyometra 1-gen-2016 Vannozzi, Iacopo; Tesi, Matteo; Falcini, Ilaria; Squilloni, Elettra; Rota, Alessandra; Innocenti, VIOLA MARIA
hCG is more effective than the GnRH agonist buserelin for inducing the first ovulation of the breeding season in mares 1-gen-2022 Fanelli, D.; Tesi, M.; Rota, A.; Beltramo, M.; Conte, G.; Giorgi, M.; Barsotti, G.; Camillo, F.; Panzani, D.
In vitro evaluation by DAPI staining of fresh, cooled and vitrified donkey embryos 1-gen-2016 Panzani, Duccio; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Bocci, Carlotta; Rota, Alessandra; Tesi, Matteo; Camillo, Francesco
M1 and M2 tumour-associated macrophages subsets in canine malignant mammary tumours: An immunohistochemical study 1-gen-2021 Parisi, Francesca; Tesi, Matteo; Millanta, Francesca; Gnocchi, Marzia; Poli, Alessandro
New simplified protocols for timed artificial insemination (TAI) in milk-producing donkeys 1-gen-2019 Fanelli, D.; Tesi, M.; Bagnato, G.; Salari, F.; Martini, M.; Panzani, D.; Camillo, F.; Rota, A.
Obesity and canine mammary tumors: correlations between BCS, adiponectin expression, clinical pathological features and overall survival 1-gen-2017 Tesi, Matteo; Millanta, Francesca; Pasquini, Anna; Rota, Alessandra; Mazzetti, Gaia; Poli, Alessandro; Vannozzi, Iacopo
Oral administration of Omega-3 affects post-thaw motility of canine spermatozoa 1-gen-2017 Rota, Alessandra; Di Martino, Roberta; Melaré, Kelmi; Tesi, Matteo; Casini, Lucia
Placental weight and puppies’weight at birth and during the first week of life in toy and small breeds: preliminary study. 1-gen-2018 Tesi, M; Scala, L; Aronica, E; Vannozzi, I; Camillo, F; Rota, A
Postmating Endometritis and Pregnancy Rate Were Not Affected by the Addition to Frozen-Thawed Semen of Filtered Seminal Plasma When Mares Without Evidence of Endometritis Were Artificially Inseminated Once 40 Hours Post-Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Treatment 1-gen-2018 Sabatini, Chiara; Rota, Alessandra; Panzani, Duccio; Tesi, Matteo; Camillo, Francesco
Recipients’ pregnancy rate was affected by season but not by the temperature humidity index (THI) in an equine commercial ET program in Southern Europe 1-gen-2021 Fanelli, Diana; Tesi, Matteo; Ingallinesi, Martina; Camillo, Francesco; Panzani, Duccio
Role of body condition score and adiponectin expression in the progression of canine mammary carcinomas 1-gen-2020 Tesi, M.; Millanta, F.; Poli, A.; Mazzetti, G.; Pasquini, A.; Panzani, D.; Rota, A.; Vannozzi, I.
Ultrasonography of the Vas Deferens in dogs: Normal and Pathologic Appearances. 1-gen-2021 Pelligra, Tina; Citi, Simonetta; Puccinelli, Caterina; Tesi, Matteo; Rota, Alessandra
Variables Affecting Veterinary Students’ Ability to Accurately Interpret Ovulation in Live Mare Palpation 1-gen-2021 Fanelli, Diana; Tesi, Matteo; Rota, Alessandra; Panzani, Duccio; Camillo, Francesco