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Report from a Tibetan Monastery: EEG neural correlates of concentrative and analytical meditation 1-gen-2024 Neri, Bruno; Callara, Alejandro Luis; Vanello, Nicola; Menicucci, Danilo; Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Norbu, Ngawang; Kechok, Jampa; Sherab, Ngawang; Gemignani, Angelo
Mutual interaction between visual homeostatic plasticity and sleep in adult humans 1-gen-2022 Menicucci, Danilo; Lunghi, Claudia; Zaccaro, Andrea; Morrone, Maria Concetta; Gemignani, Angelo
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy vs. Psycho-education for Patients with Anxiety Disorders Who Did Not Achieve Remission Following Adequate Pharmacological Treatment 1-gen-2021 Giommi, F.; Castagner, V.; Zaccaro, A.; Gemignani, A.; Serretti, A.; Mandelli, L.; Conversano, C.; Vincenzi, S.; Chiesa, A.
Controllo del respiro e stati non ordinari di coscienza: verso un modello psicofisiologico integrato 1-gen-2020 Zaccaro, A.; Gemignani, A.
Meditazione e neuroscienze 1-gen-2020 Gemignani, Angelo; Zaccaro, Andrea
Sleep slow oscillations favour local cortical plasticity underlying the consolidation of reinforced procedural learning in human sleep 1-gen-2020 Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Zaccaro, Andrea; Agrimi, Jacopo; Gemignani, Angelo
Altered state of consciousness induced by active stimulation of the olfactory epithelium during slow breathing (pranayama): towards an integrated psychophysiological model 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Menicucci, Danilo; Melosini, Lorenza; Zito, Alice; Gemignani, Angelo
La coscienza di sé, tra filosofia, meditazione e scienze della mente: un contributo tratto dal pensiero di Alfonso Maurizio Iacono 1-gen-2019 Gemignani, Angelo; Zaccaro, Andrea; Neri, Bruno
Psychophysiological and phenomenological characterization of altered states of consciousness induced by Nidrâ Yoga sessions in expert practitioners 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, A.; Riehl, A.; Piarulli, A.; Alfì, G.; Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A
Relationship between emotions, sleep and wellbeing 1-gen-2019 Zaccaro, A.; Conversano, C.; Lai, E.; Gemignani, A
The neurophysiological basis of excessive daytime sleepiness: suggestions of an altered state of consciousness 1-gen-2019 Hitchcott, Pk; Menicucci, D; Frumento, Sergio; Zaccaro, A; Gemignani, A
Homeostatic Plasticity in Primary Visual Cortex Affects Local Sleep Expression: A High-Density EEG 1-gen-2018 Menicucci, D.; Lunghi, C.; Zaccaro, A.; Morrone, M. C.; Gemignani, A.
How breath-control can change your life: a systematic review on psycho-physiological correlates of slow breathing 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, Andrea; Piarulli, Andrea; Laurino, Marco; Garbella, Erika; Menicucci, Danilo; Neri, Bruno; Gemignani, Angelo
Psychometric and psychobiological correlates of altered states of consciousness elicited by Vipassana Analytical and Open Monitoring meditation 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, Andrea; Marzetti, Francesca; Piarulli, Andrea; Menicucci, Danilo; Scianna, Filippo; Gemignani, Angelo
Slow nasal breathing selectively modifies state of consciousness in healthy humans: a psychometric study 1-gen-2018 Zaccaro, A.; Menicucci, D.; Zito, A.; Melosini, L.; Piarulli, A.; Gemignani, A.
SmartBed: an innovative tool for assessing sleep quality in the general population 1-gen-2018 Laurino, Marco; Menicucci, Danilo; Piarulli, Andrea; Zaccaro, Andrea; Gemignani, Angelo
The “diving brain”: cognitive effects of inert gas narcosis 1-gen-2018 Carelli, M.; Laurino, M.; Zaccaro, A.; Lai, E.; Passera, Mirko; Gemignani, A.
Ultra-slow mechanical stimulation of olfactory epithelium modulates consciousness by slowing cerebral rhythms in humans 1-gen-2018 Piarulli, A.; Zaccaro, A.; Laurino, M.; Menicucci, D.; De Vito, A.; Bruschini, L.; Berrettini, S.; Bergamasco, M.; Laureys, S.; Gemignani, A.
La meditazione come via maestra per lo studio dei correlati neurali degli stati non ordinari di coscienza 1-gen-2017 Zaccaro, Andrea; Gemignani, Angelo
Structuring cortical bistability in sleeping DOC parallels the recovery of consciousness 1-gen-2016 Virgillito, Alessandra; Menicucci, Danilo; Bonfiglio, L.; Zaccaro, Andrea; Carboncini, MARIA CHIARA; Gemignani, Angelo