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Energetic convenience of cell division in biological tissues 1-gen-2022 Picchi Scardaoni, Marco
Instability and softening in a continuous bi-rod 1-gen-2022 Alessi, Roberto; Aliotta, Laura; Brunetti, Matteo; Ciotti, Matteo; Paroni, Roberto; Picchi Scardaoni, Marco
Linear Models of a Stiffened Plate via Gamma-Convergence 1-gen-2022 Picchi Scardaoni, M; Paroni, R
The design of blended laminates regardless of the stack: The search propagation direction 1-gen-2022 Picchi Scardaoni, Marco; Montemurro, Marco
Aircraft turnaround time estimation in early design phases: Simulation tools development and application to the case of box-wing architecture 1-gen-2021 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Magnacca, F.; Massai, A.; Cipolla, V.
Convex or non-convex? On the nature of the feasible domain of laminates 1-gen-2021 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Montemurro, M.
Multi-scale deterministic optimisation of blended composite structures: case study of a box-wing 1-gen-2021 Picchi Scardaoni, Marco; Izzi, Michele Iacopo; Montemurro, Marco; Panettieri, Enrico; Cipolla, Vittorio; Binante, Vincenzo
A general global-local modelling framework for the deterministic optimisation of composite structures 1-gen-2020 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Montemurro, M.
A Simple Model for Minimum Induced Drag of Multiplanes: Could Prandtl Do the Same? 1-gen-2020 PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco
Conceptual design of PrandtlPlane civil transport aircraft 1-gen-2020 Frediani, Aldo; Cipolla, V.; Abu Salem, K.; Binante, V.; Picchi Scardaoni, M.
New blending constraints and a stack-recovery strategy for the multi-scale design of composite laminates 1-gen-2020 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Montemurro, M.; Panettieri, E.; Catapano, A.
PrandtlPlane wing-box least-weight design: A multi-scale optimisation approach 1-gen-2020 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Montemurro, M.; Panettieri, E.
Preliminary design and performance analysis of a box-wing transport aircraft 1-gen-2020 Cipolla, Vittorio; Abu Salem, Karim; Picchi Scardaoni, Marco; Binante, Vincenzo
Towards the evaluation of the PrandtlPlane turnaround time by means of explicit simulation of boarding and deboarding 1-gen-2020 PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco; Magnacca, Fabio; Massai, Andrea; Cipolla, Vittorio
Analytical and Finite Element Approach for the In-plane Study of Frames of Non-conventional Civil Aircraft 1-gen-2019 PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco; Frediani, Aldo
General closed-form solution of piecewise circular frames of aircraft 1-gen-2019 Picchi Scardaoni, M.; Frediani, A.
Overall Preliminary Sizing and Optimization of the Metallic Structures of a PrandtlPlane Civil Transport Aircraft 1-gen-2019 PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco; Cipolla, Vittorio; Binante, Vincenzo
The Project “Parsifal”: Prandtlplane Architecture For The Sustainable Improvement Of Future Airplanes 1-gen-2019 Cipolla, Vittorio; Frediani, Aldo; Abu Salem, Karim; Picchi Scardaoni, Marco; Binante, Vincenzo
Conceptual design of a box-wing aircraft for the air transport of the future 1-gen-2018 Cipolla, Vittorio; Frediani, Aldo; ABU SALEM, Karim; PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco; Nuti, Alessio; Binante, Vincenzo
WAGNER: a new code for parametrical structural study of fuselages of civil transport aircraft 1-gen-2017 PICCHI SCARDAONI, Marco; Binante, Vincenzo; Cipolla, Vittorio