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On a Notion of Nonlocal Curvature Tensor 1-gen-2023 Paroni, R; Podio-Guidugli, P; Seguin, B
Competition between epithelial tissue elasticity and surface tension in cancer morphogenesis 1-gen-2022 Favata, Antonino; Paroni, Roberto; Recrosi, Filippo; Tomassetti, Giuseppe
Instability and softening in a continuous bi-rod 1-gen-2022 Alessi, Roberto; Aliotta, Laura; Brunetti, Matteo; Ciotti, Matteo; Paroni, Roberto; Picchi Scardaoni, Marco
Linear Models of a Stiffened Plate via Gamma-Convergence 1-gen-2022 Picchi Scardaoni, M; Paroni, R
On the stability of the helicoidal configuration in ribbons subjected to combined traction and twist 1-gen-2022 Barsotti, R.; Paroni, R.; Tomassetti, G.
Scienza delle Costruzioni - Elementi di teoria dell'elasticità tridimensionale 1-gen-2022 Paroni, Roberto
Stability of Boundary Conditions for the Sadowsky Functional 1-gen-2022 Freddi, L.; Hornung, P.; Mora, M. G.; Paroni, R.
Young modulus of healthy and cancerous epithelial tissues from indirect measurements 1-gen-2022 Favata, A.; Paroni, R.; Recrosi, F.; Tomassetti, G.
A variational property of the von Kármán plate problem 1-gen-2021 Davini, Cesare; Paroni, Roberto
Design of auxetic plates with only one degree of freedom 1-gen-2021 dos Santos, F. A.; Favata, A.; Micheletti, A.; Paroni, R.
ON THE STRAIGHT-HELICOID TO SPIRAL-RIBBON TRANSITION IN THIN ELASTIC RIBBONS 1-gen-2020 Barsotti, Riccardo; Paroni, Roberto; Tomassetti, Giuseppe
An atomistic-based Föppl–von Kármán model for graphene 1-gen-2019 Davini, C.; Favata, A.; Paroni, R.
Macroscopic and Microscopic Behavior of Narrow Elastic Ribbons 1-gen-2019 Paroni, Roberto; Tomassetti, Giuseppe
Second-Order Structured Deformations in the Space of Functions of Bounded Hessian 1-gen-2019 Fonseca, Irene; Hagerty, Adrian; Paroni, Roberto
A REBO-Potential-Based Model for Graphene Bending by Γ -Convergence 1-gen-2018 Davini, Cesare; Favata, Antonino; Paroni, Roberto
Linear models for thin plates of polymer gels 1-gen-2018 Paroni, Roberto; Tomassetti, Giuseppe
On the nonlocal curvatures of surfaces with or without boundary 1-gen-2018 Paroni, Roberto; Podio-Guidugli, Paolo; Seguin, Brian
One-dimensional von Karman models for elastic ribbons 1-gen-2018 Freddi, Lorenzo; Hornung, Peter; Mora, Maria Giovanna; Paroni, Roberto
Plate theory as the variational limit of the complementary energy functionals of inhomogeneous anisotropic linearly elastic bodies 1-gen-2018 Murat, François; Paroni, Roberto
A 2D microstructure with auxetic out-of-plane behavior and non-auxetic in-plane behavior 1-gen-2017 Davini, Cesare; Favata, Antonino; Micheletti, Andrea; Paroni, Roberto