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Atom economic and highly syn-selective prolinamide-catalyzed cross-aldol addition of hydroxyacetone to aromatic aldehydes 1-gen-2008 Angelici, Gaetano; Falgiani, Annamaria; Luppi, Gianluigi; Kaptein, Bernard; Broxterman, Quirinus B.; Tomasini, Claudia
Catalytic Synthesis of 1,2,4,5-Tetrasubstituted-1H-imidazole Derivatives: State of the Art 1-gen-2018 Rossi, Renzo; Angelici, Gaetano; Casotti, Gianluca; Manzini, Chiara; Lessi, Marco
Cobalt-catalysed addition of allylidene dipivalate to aldehydes. A formal homoaldol condensation 1-gen-2005 Lombardo, Marco; Licciulli, Sebastiano; Pasi, Filippo; Angelici, Gaetano; Trombini, Claudio
Conformational studies on a medium size cyclopseudopeptide containing the oxazolidin-2-one moiety 1-gen-2012 Angelici, Gaetano; Castellucci, Nicola; Tomasini, Claudia
COOLSUN: a preliminary study of “cool” properties of organic pigments 1-gen-2018 Minei, P.; Lessi, M.; Geppi, M.; Biver, T.; Angelici, G.; Ruggeri, G.; Pucci, A.; Bellina, F.
COOLSUN: Studio preliminare sulle proprietà “cool” dei pigmenti organici 1-gen-2018 Minei, Pierpaolo; Lessi, Marco; Geppi, Marco; Biver, Tarita; Angelici, Gaetano; Ruggeri, Giacomo; Pucci, Andrea; Bellina, Fabio
The design and synthesis of dansyl-containing cyclic pseudopeptides 1-gen-2008 Angelici, Gaetano; Carrera, Roger Tresanchez; Luppi, Gianlugi; Tomasini, Claudia
A DFT and AIM study of the proline-catalyzed asymmetric cross-aldol addition of acetone to isatins: A rationalization for the reversal of chirality 1-gen-2008 Corrêa, Rodrigo J.; Garden, Simon J; Angelici, Gaetano; Tomasini, Claudia
Elusive π-helical peptide foldamers spotted by chiroptical studies 1-gen-2020 Di Silvio, S.; Bologna, F.; Milli, L.; Giuri, D.; Zanna, N.; Castellucci, N.; Monari, M.; Calvaresi, M.; Gorecki, M.; Angelici, G.; Tomasini, C.; Pescitelli, G.
Enamine catalysis with low catalyst loadings - High efficiency via kinetic studies 1-gen-2010 Wiesner, Markus; Upert, Grégory; Angelici, Gaetano; Wennemers, Helma
Experimental and guided theoretical investigation of complex reaction mechanisms in a prins reaction of glyoxylic acid and isobutene 1-gen-2014 Angelici, Gaetano; Nicolet, Stefan; Uda, Narasimha R.; Creus, Marc
Exploring the Conformation of Mixed Cis- Trans α,β-Oligopeptoids: A Joint Experimental and Computational Study 1-gen-2018 Dumonteil, Geoffrey; Bhattacharjee, Nicholus; Angelici, Gaetano; Roy, Olivier; Faure, Sophie; Jouffret, Laurent; Jolibois, Franck; Perrin, Lionel; Taillefumier, Claude
A fiberlike peptide material stabilized by single intermolecular hydrogen bonds 1-gen-2008 Angelici, Gaetano; Falini, Giuseppe; Hofmann, Hans Jörg; Huster, Daniel; Monari, Magda; Tomasini, Claudia
Foldamers based on oxazolidin-2-ones 1-gen-2011 Tomasini, Claudia; Angelici, Gaetano; Castellucci, Nicola
Formation of gels in the presence of metal ions 1-gen-2011 Castellucci, Nicola; Falini, Giuseppe; Angelici, Gaetano; Tomasini, Claudia
Identification and synthesis of new sex-specific components of olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) female rectal gland, through original Negishi reactions on supported catalysts 1-gen-2018 Fusini, G; Barsanti, D; Angelici, G; Casotti, Gianluca; Canale, A; Benelli, G; Lucchi, A; Carpita, A
L-Phe-D-Oxd: A privileged scaffold for the formation of supramolecular materials 1-gen-2011 Castellucci, Nicola; Angelici, Gaetano; Falini, Giuseppe; Monari, Magda; Tomasini, Claudia
Metal-dependent inhibition and substrate promiscuity in metallo-deacylases 1-gen-2012 Angelici, Gaetano; Uda, Narashima Rao; Upert, Gregory; Creus, Marc
Nanofibers from oxazolidi-2-one containing hybrid foldamers: what is the right molecular size? 1-gen-2009 Angelici, Gaetano; Falini, Giuseppe; Hofmann, Hans Jörg; Huster, Daniel; Monari, Magda; Tomasini, Claudia
NCα‐gem‐dimethylated peptoid side chains: A novel approach for structural control and peptide sequence mimetics 1-gen-2019 Shyam, Radhe; Nauton, Lionel; Angelici, Gaetano; Roy, Olivier; Taillefumier, Claude; Faure, Sophie