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Extension implants in the atrophic posterior maxilla: 1-year results of a retrospective case-series 1-gen-2020 Menchini-Fabris, Giovanni Battista; Marconcini, Simone; Giammarinaro, Enrica; Barone, Antonio; Toti, Paolo; Covani, Ugo
A short-term study of the effects of ozone irrigation in an orthodontic population with fixed appliances 1-gen-2019 Cosola, S.; Giammarinaro, E.; Genovesi, A. M.; Pisante, R.; Poli, G.; Covani, U.; Marconcini, S.
Clinical and patient‐centered outcomes post non‐surgical periodontal therapy with the use of a non‐injectable anesthetic product: A randomized clinical study 1-gen-2019 Marconcini, Simone; Goulding, Marilyn; Oldoini, Giacomo; Attanasio, Chiara; Giammarinaro, Enrica; Genovesi, Annamaria
Clinical Success of Dental Implants Placed in Posterior Mandible Augmented With Interpositional Block Graft: 3-Year Results From a Prospective Cohort Clinical Study 1-gen-2019 Marconcini, S.; Covani, U.; Giammarinaro, E.; Velasco-Ortega, E.; De Santis, D.; Alfonsi, F.; Barone, A.
Prevention of bacterial colonization on suture threads after oral surgery: comparison between propolis- and chlorhexidine-based formulae 1-gen-2019 Cosola, S; Giammarinaro, E; Marconcini, S; Lelli, M; Lorenzi, C; Genovesi, A M
The Effect of Tapered Abutments on Marginal Bone Level: A Retrospective Cohort Study 1-gen-2019 Marconcini, Simone; Giammarinaro, Enrica; Covani, Ugo; Mijiritsky, Eitan; Vela, Xavier; Rodríguez, Xavier
Oral health-related quality of life and clinical outcomes of immediately or delayed loaded implants in the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws: A retrospective comparative study 1-gen-2018 Cosola, Saverio; Marconcini, S.; Giammarinaro, E.; Poli, G. L.; Covani, U.; Barone, A.
Propolis as an adjuvant to non-surgical periodontal treatment: a clinical study with salivary anti-oxidant capacity assessment. 1-gen-2018 Giammarinaro, Enrica; Marconcini, Simone; Genovesi, Annamaria; Poli, Gianluca; Lorenzi, Chiara; Covani, Ugo.
The Influence of Prosthesis Design on the Outcomes of Tooth Implants Immediately Placed and Loaded by Means of One-Piece Titanium Machined Restoration 1-gen-2018 Toti, Paolo; Marconcini, Simone; Giammarinaro, Enrica; Pedretti, Giorgio; Barone, Antonio; Covani, Ugo
A novel CAD/CAM-based surgical template for mandibular osteoplasty and guided implant insertion 1-gen-2017 Menchini Fabris, G. B; Gelpi, F; Giammarinaro, Enrica; Velasco Ortega, E; Marconcini, Simone; Covani, Ugo