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A Focus on the Beneficial Effects of Alpha Synuclein and a Re-appraisal of Synucleinopathies. 1-gen-2018 Ryskalin, Larisa; Busceti, Carla L.; Limanaqi, Fiona; Biagioni, Francesca; Gambardella, Stefano; Fornai, Francesco
A re-appraisal of pathogenic mechanisms bridging wet and dry age-related macular degeneration leads to reconsider a role for phytochemicals 1-gen-2020 Pinelli, R.; Biagioni, F.; Limanaqi, F.; Bertelli, M.; Scaffidi, E.; Polzella, M.; Busceti, C. L.; Fornai, F.
A REAPPRISAL OF CELL-CLEARING MECHANISMS: THE AUTOPHAGOPROTEASOME HOSTING AUTOPHAGY AND UBIQUITIN PROTEASOME. 1-gen-2016 Limanaqi, F.; Gambardella, S.; Biagioni, F.; Lazzeri, Gloria; Lenzi, Paola; Fornai, Francesco
Ambiguous Effects of Autophagy Activation Following Hypoperfusion/Ischemia 1-gen-2018 Ferrucci, M; Biagioni, F; Ryskalin, L; Limanaqi, F; Gambardella, S; Frati, A; Fornai, F.
Autophagy as a gateway for the effects of methamphetamine: From neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity to psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders 1-gen-2021 Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Celli, R.; Biagioni, F.; Fornai, F.
Autophagy-Based Hypothesis on the Role of Brain Catecholamine Response During Stress 1-gen-2020 Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Biagioni, F.; Fornai, F.; Puglisi-Allegra, S.
ccf-mtDNA as a Potential Link Between the Brain and Immune System in Neuro-Immunological Disorders 1-gen-2019 Gambardella, S.; Limanaqi, F.; Ferese, R.; Biagioni, F.; Campopiano, R.; Centonze, D.; Fornai, F.
Cell clearing systems as targets of polyphenols in viral infections: Potential implications for COVID-19 pathogenesis 1-gen-2020 Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Biagioni, F.; Lazzeri, G.; Forte, M.; Schiavon, S.; Sciarretta, S.; Frati, G.; Fornai, F.
Cell clearing systems bridging neuro-immunity and synaptic plasticity 1-gen-2019 Limanaqi, F.; Biagioni, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Ryskalin, L.; Soldani, P.; Frati, A.; Fornai, F.
Cell-clearing systems bridging repeat expansion proteotoxicity and neuromuscular junction alterations in ALS and SBMA 1-gen-2020 Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Biagioni, F.; Cantini, F.; Lenzi, P.; Fornai, F.
Epigenetic Effects Induced by Methamphetamine and Methamphetamine-Dependent Oxidative Stress 1-gen-2018 Limanaqi, F; Gambardella, S; Biagioni, F; Busceti, Cl; Fornai, F.
Glymphatic System as a Gateway to Connect Neurodegeneration From Periphery to CNS 1-gen-2021 Natale, G.; Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Mastroiacovo, F.; Nicoletti, F.; Puglisi-Allegra, S.; Fornai, F.
In search for a gold-standard procedure to count motor neurons in the spinal cord 1-gen-2018 Ferrucci, M; Lazzeri, G; Flaibani, M; Biagioni, F; Cantini, F; Madonna, M; Bucci, D; Limanaqi, F; Soldani, P; Fornai, F
Interdependency Between Autophagy and Synaptic Vesicle Trafficking: Implications for Dopamine Release. 1-gen-2018 Limanaqi, F; Biagioni, F; Gambardella, S; Ryskalin, L; Fornai, F.
Locus Coeruleus and neurovascular unit: From its role in physiology to its potential role in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis 1-gen-2020 Giorgi, F. S.; Galgani, A.; Puglisi-Allegra, S.; Limanaqi, F.; Busceti, C. L.; Fornai, F.
Mechanisms underlying the non-anticoagulant effects of apixaban and dabigatran on the integrity of intestinal mucosa: a comparative pre-clinical study. 1-gen-2017 Fornai, M; Benvenuti, Laura; Antonioli, L; Pellegrini, C; Natale, G; Fulceri, F; Limanaqi, Fiona; Tirotta, E; Gentile, Daniela; Colucci, R; Blandizzi, C.
Merging the multi‐target effects of phytochemicals in neurodegeneration: From oxidative stress to protein aggregation and inflammation 1-gen-2020 Limanaqi, F.; Biagioni, F.; Mastroiacovo, F.; Polzella, M.; Lazzeri, G.; Fornai, F.
Methamphetamine and prion protein bridging drugs of abuse and neurodegeneration 1-gen-2017 Limanaqi, F; Ryskalin, L; Ferrucci, M; Lazzeri, G; Falleni, A; Biagioni, F; Gambardella, S; Fornai, F.
Methamphetamine persistently increases alpha-synuclein and suppresses gene promoter methylation within striatal neurons 1-gen-2019 Biagioni, F.; Ferese, R.; Limanaqi, F.; Madonna, M.; Lenzi, P.; Gambardella, S.; Fornai, F.
Molecular Mechanisms Linking ALS/FTD and Psychiatric Disorders, the Potential Effects of Lithium 1-gen-2019 Limanaqi, F.; Biagioni, F.; Ryskalin, L.; Busceti, C. L.; Fornai, F.