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Catastrophic and systemic risk in the non-life insurance sector: A micro-structural contagion approach 1-gen-2022 Torri, G.; Radi, D.; Dvorackova, H.
Chaos, border collisions and stylized empirical facts in an asset pricing model with heterogeneous agents 1-gen-2020 Anufriev, M.; Gardini, L.; Radi, D.
Computing the survival probability in the Madan-Unal credit risk model: application to the CDS market 1-gen-2017 Ballestra, Luca Vincenzo; Pacelli, Graziella; Radi, Davide
Does the volatility of interest rates affect the value of investment projects? A real option investigation 1-gen-2014 Vincenzo Ballestra, Luca; Pacelli, Graziella; Radi, Davide
Does the “uptick rule” stabilize the stock market? Insights from adaptive rational equilibrium dynamics 1-gen-2020 Dercole, F.; Radi, D.
Dynamic Modeling in Renewable Resource Exploitation 1-gen-2016 Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide; Sbragia, Lucia
Entry limitations and heterogeneous tolerances in a Schelling-like segregation model 1-gen-2015 Radi, Davide; Gardini, Laura
Evolutionary competition between boundedly rational behavioral rules in oligopoly games 1-gen-2015 CERBONI BAIARDI, Lorenzo; Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide
An evolutionary Cournot model with limited market knowledge 1-gen-2015 Bischi, Gian Italo; Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide
Evolutionary oligopoly games with heterogeneous adaptive players In corso di stampa Italo Bischi, Gian; Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide
Evolutionary oligopoly games with heterogeneous adaptive players 1-gen-2018 Bischi, Gian Italo; Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide
Evolutionary technology adoption in an oligopoly market with forward-looking firms 1-gen-2018 Lamantia, F.; Radi, D.
Exploitation of renewable resources with differentiated technologies: An evolutionary analysis 1-gen-2015 Lamantia, F.; Radi, D.
An extension of the Antoci-Dei-Galeotti evolutionary model for environment protection through financial instruments 1-gen-2012 Bischi, Gian-Italo; Radi, Davide
Financial Tools for the Abatement of Traffic Congestion: A Dynamical Analysis 1-gen-2011 Antoci, Angelo; Galeotti, Marcello; Radi, Davide
Fuzzy differential equations by fuzzy-transform 1-gen-2015 Radi, Davide; Stefanini, Luciano
Hybrid dynamics of multi-species resource exploitation 1-gen-2021 Radi, D.; Lamantia, F.; Tichy, T.
Hybrid evolutionary oligopolies and the dynamics of corporate social responsibility 1-gen-2020 Tichy, T.; Radi, D.; Lamantia, F.
Knowledge Spillovers, Congestion Effects, and Long-Run Location Patterns 1-gen-2018 Bischi, Gian Italo; Kopel, Michael; Lamantia, Fabio; Radi, Davide
Minority influence in opinion spreading 1-gen-2016 Merlone, Ugo; Radi, Davide; Romano, Angelo