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Epidemic Outbreaks and the Optimal Lockdown Area: a Spatial Normative Approach 1-gen-2024 La Torre, D; Liuzzi, D; Marsiglio, S
Stochastic Disease Spreading and Containment Policies under State-Dependent Probabilities 1-gen-2024 La Torre, D; Marsiglio, S; Mendivil, F; Privileggi, F
The Tourism Area Life Cycle Hypothesis: a Micro-Foundation 1-gen-2024 Marsiglio, S; Tolotti, M
Infectious Diseases and Social Distancing under State-Dependent Probabilities 1-gen-2023 La Torre, D; Marsiglio, S; Privileggi, F
Network-Based Economic Growth Model with Endogenous Migration and Poverty Traps 1-gen-2023 Bucci, A; La Torre, D; Liuzzi, D; Marsiglio, S
COVID-19 Epidemic and Mitigation Policies: Positive and Normative Analyses in a Neoclassical Growth Model 1-gen-2022 Gori, L; Manfredi, P; Marsiglio, S; Sodini, M
Geographical Heterogeneities and Externalities in an Epidemiological-Macroeconomic Framework 1-gen-2022 La Torre, D; Liuzzi, D; Marsiglio, S
Mobility Choices and Strategic Interactions in a Two-Group Macroeconomic–Epidemiological Model 1-gen-2022 La Torre, D; Liuzzi, D; Maggistro, R; Marsiglio, S
Reclamation of a Resource Extraction Site: a Differential Game Approach 1-gen-2022 Marsiglio, S; Masoudi, N
Sustainability and Spatial Spillovers in a Multicriteria Macroeconomic Model 1-gen-2022 Kunze, Herb; La Torre, Davide; Marsiglio, Simone
Tourism in an Open System: What do Theories of International Trade and Competition Teach Us? 1-gen-2022 Croes, R; Marsiglio, S
Transboundary pollution control and competitiveness concerns in a two-country differential game 1-gen-2022 Marsiglio, S; Masoudi, N
Epidemics and macroeconomic outcomes: social distancing intensity and duration 1-gen-2021 La Torre, D; Liuzzi, D; Marsiglio, S
On the economic growth and environmental trade-off: a multi-objective analysis 1-gen-2021 Marsiglio, S; Privileggi, F
Population Growth and Climate Change: A Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy-Demography Model 1-gen-2021 Lupi, Veronica; Marsiglio, Simone
Public Debt Dynamics under Ambiguity by Means of Iterated Function Systems on Density Functions 1-gen-2021 La Torre, Davide; Marsiglio, Simone; Mendivil, Franklin; Privileggi, Fabio
Social Interactions, Residential Segregation and the Dynamics of Tipping 1-gen-2021 Kollmann, T; Marsiglio, S; Suardi, S; Tolotti, M
Three dimensional fractal attractors in a green transition economic growth model 1-gen-2021 Marsiglio, Simone; Privileggi, Fabio
Transboundary pollution externalities: think globally, act locally? 1-gen-2021 La Torre, Davide; Liuzzi, Danilo; Marsiglio, Simone
Welfare and convergence speed in the Ramsey model under two classes of Gorman preferences 1-gen-2021 Cruz Vieira, Wilson; Bucci, Alberto; Marsiglio, Simone