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Exploring the Isoreticular Continuum between Phosphonate- and Phosphinate-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks 1-gen-2022 Ondrušová, Soňa; Kloda, Matouš; Rohlíček, Jan; Taddei, Marco; Zaręba, Jan K; Demel, Jan
Synthesis and Structure Evolution in Metal Carbazole Diphosphonates Followed by Electron Diffraction 1-gen-2022 Steinke, Felix; Hernandéz, Laura Gemmrich; Shearan, Stephen J I; Pohlmann, Maxi; Taddei, Marco; Kolb, Ute; Stock, Norbert
Overcoming mass transfer limitations in cross-linked polyethyleneimine-based adsorbents to enable selective CO 2 capture at ambient temperature 1-gen-2022 Hamdy, Louise B.; Gougsa, Abel; Ying Chow, Wing; Russell, James E.; Garc??a-D??ez, Enrique; Kulakova, Viktoriia; Garcia, Susana; Barron, Andrew R.; Taddei, Marco; Andreoli, Enrico
Increased CO2 Affinity and Adsorption Selectivity in MOF-801 Fluorinated Analogues 1-gen-2022 Venturi, Diletta Morelli; Notari, Maria Sole; Bondi, Roberto; Mosconi, Edoardo; Kaiser, Waldemar; Mercuri, Giorgio; Giambastiani, Giuliano; Rossin, Andrea; Taddei, Marco; Costantino, Ferdinando
An alternative C-P cross-coupling route for the synthesis of novel V-shaped aryldiphosphonic acids 1-gen-2022 Shearan, Sji; Andreoli, E; Taddei, M
Interplay between oxygen doping and ultra-microporosity improves the CO2/N2 separation performance of carbons derived from aromatic polycarboxylates 1-gen-2021 Khodabakhshi, Saeed; Taddei, Marco; Rudd, Jennifer A.; Mcpherson, Matthew J.; Niu, Yubiao; Palmer, Richard E.; Barron, Andrew R.; Andreoli, Enrico
In Situ X-ray Diffraction Investigation of the Crystallisation of Perfluorinated CeIV-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks with UiO-66 and MIL-140 Architectures 1-gen-2021 Shearan, S. J. I.; Jacobsen, J.; Costantino, F.; D'Amato, R.; Novikov, D.; Stock, N.; Andreoli, E.; Taddei, M.
Engineering metal–organic frameworks for adsorption-based gas separations: from process to atomic scale 1-gen-2021 Taddei, Marco; Petit, Camille
"shake 'n Bake" Route to Functionalized Zr-UiO-66 Metal-Organic Frameworks 1-gen-2021 D'Amato, R.; Bondi, R.; Moghdad, I.; Marmottini, F.; Mcpherson, M. J.; Naili, H.; Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.
Metal–Organic Frameworks in Italy: From synthesis and advanced characterization to theoretical modeling and applications 1-gen-2021 Mercuri, G.; Giambastiani, G.; Di Nicola, C.; Pettinari, C.; Galli, S.; Vismara, R.; Vivani, R.; Costantino, F.; Taddei, M.; Atzori, C.; Bonino, F.; Bordiga, S.; Civalleri, B.; Rossin, A.
Drastic enhancement of carbon dioxide adsorption in fluoroalkyl-modified poly(allylamine) 1-gen-2021 Koutsianos, A.; Hamdy, L. B.; Yoo, C. -J.; Lee, J. J.; Taddei, M.; Urban-Klaehn, J. M.; Dryzek, J.; Jones, C. W.; Barron, A. R.; Andreoli, E.
Influence of Water in the Synthesis of the Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework UiO-66: Isolation and Reactivity of [ZrCl(OH)2(DMF)2]Cl 1-gen-2020 Taddei, M.; Van Bokhoven, J. A.; Ranocchiari, M.
Investigating the effect of positional isomerism on the assembly of zirconium phosphonates based on tritopic linkers 1-gen-2020 Taddei, Marco; Shearan, Stephen J I; Donnadio, Anna; Casciola, Mario; Vivani, Riccardo; Costantino, Ferdinando
New directions in metal phosphonate and phosphinate chemistry 1-gen-2019 Shearan, S. J. I.; Stock, N.; Emmerling, F.; Demel, J.; Wright, P. A.; Demadis, K. D.; Vassaki, M.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.; Sallard, S.; Salcedo, I. R.; Cabeza, A.; Taddei, M.
A new approach to enhancing the CO2 capture performance of defective UiO-66: Via post-synthetic defect exchange 1-gen-2019 Koutsianos, A.; Kazimierska, E.; Barron, A. R.; Taddei, M.; Andreoli, E.
Epoxy Cross-Linked Polyamine CO2 Sorbents Enhanced via Hydrophobic Functionalization 1-gen-2019 Hamdy, L. B.; Wakeham, R. J.; Taddei, M.; Barron, A. R.; Andreoli, E.
Water-Based Synthesis and Enhanced CO 2 Capture Performance of Perfluorinated Cerium-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks with UiO-66 and MIL-140 Topology 1-gen-2019 D'Amato, R.; Donnadio, A.; Carta, M.; Sangregorio, C.; Tiana, D.; Vivani, R.; Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.
Solvent-Free Synthetic Route for Cerium(IV) Metal-Organic Frameworks with UiO-66 Architecture and Their Photocatalytic Applications 1-gen-2019 Campanelli, M.; Del Giacco, T.; De Angelis, F.; Mosconi, E.; Taddei, M.; Marmottini, F.; D'Amato, R.; Costantino, F.
An optimised compaction process for zr-fumarate (MOF-801) 1-gen-2019 Taddei, M.; Mcpherson, M. J.; Gougsa, A.; Lam, J.; Sewell, J.; Andreoli, E.
Metal phosphonates and phosphinates 1-gen-2019 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.
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