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Confirmation of the Prognostic Value of Foxp3+ Cells in Canine Mammary Tumors 1-gen-2023 Parisi, Francesca; Millanta, Francesca; Nicastro, Marika; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Poli, Alessandro
An immunohistochemical study of the pten/akt pathway involvement in canine and feline mammary tumors 1-gen-2021 Asproni, P.; Millanta, F.; Ressel, L.; Podesta, F.; Parisi, F.; Vannozzi, I.; Poli, A.
The path from trigeminal asymmetry to cognitive impairment: a behavioral and molecular study 1-gen-2021 Tramonti Fantozzi, M. P.; Lazzarini, G.; De Cicco, V.; Briganti, A.; Argento, S.; De Cicco, D.; Barresi, M.; Cataldo, E.; Bruschini, L.; D'Ascanio, P.; Pirone, A.; Lenzi, C.; Vannozzi, I.; Miragliotta, V.; Faraguna, U.; Manzoni, D.
Role of body condition score and adiponectin expression in the progression of canine mammary carcinomas 1-gen-2020 Tesi, M.; Millanta, F.; Poli, A.; Mazzetti, G.; Pasquini, A.; Panzani, D.; Rota, A.; Vannozzi, I.
Surgical embolectomy in a cat with cardiogenic aortic thromboembolism 1-gen-2020 Vezzosi, T.; Buralli, C.; Briganti, A.; Vannozzi, I.; Giacomelli, E.; Talamanca, G. F.; Sansoni, A.; Domenech, O.; Tognetti, R.
B-mode ultrasound examination of canine mammary gland neoplastic lesions of small size (diameter < 2 cm) 1-gen-2018 Vannozzi, Iacopo; Tesi, Matteo; Zangheri, Marta; Innocenti, Viola Maria; Rota, Alessandra; Citi, Simonetta; Poli, Alessandro
Effect of the administration of alfaprostol 3 or 6 days after ovulation in jennies: ultrasonographic characteristic of corpora lutea and serum progesterone concentration 1-gen-2018 Panzani, Duccio; Tardella, Matteo; Govoni, Nadia; Tesi, Matteo; Fanelli, Diana; Rota, Alessandra; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Camillo, Francesco
Placental weight and puppies’weight at birth and during the first week of life in toy and small breeds: preliminary study. 1-gen-2018 Tesi, M; Scala, L; Aronica, E; Vannozzi, I; Camillo, F; Rota, A
Variables affecting semen quality and its relation to fertility in the dog: A retrospective study 1-gen-2018 Tesi, Matteo; Sabatini, Chiara; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Di Petta, Gloria; Panzani, Duccio; Camillo, Francesco; Rota, Alessandra
Acute Pancreatitis Associated With Peritoneal Migration of Grass Awn in Two Dogs 1-gen-2017 Citi, Simonetta; Mannucci, Tommaso; Pedala’, Francesca; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Vignoli, Massimo
Corpus luteum vascularization and progesterone production in Autumn and Winter cycles of the mare: relationship between ultrasonographic characteristics of corpora lutea and plasma progesterone concentration in the last cycles before anestrus 1-gen-2017 Panzani, Duccio; Di Vita Maria, Luisa; Lainè Anne, Lyse; Guillaume, Daniel; Rota, Alessandra; Tesi, Matteo; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Camillo, Francesco
Effect of the administration of alfaprostol at day 6 after ovulation on corpus luteum maximum cross-sectional and vascularized area and progesterone concentration in Amiata jennies 1-gen-2017 Panzani, D; Tardella, M; Fanelli, D; Tesi, M; Rota, A; Vannozzi, I; Camillo, F
Obesity and canine mammary tumors: correlations between BCS, adiponectin expression, clinical pathological features and overall survival 1-gen-2017 Tesi, Matteo; Millanta, Francesca; Pasquini, Anna; Rota, Alessandra; Mazzetti, Gaia; Poli, Alessandro; Vannozzi, Iacopo
The complete blood count and caninemast cell tumor. A retrospective survey in a veterinary teaching hospital in Tuscany, Italy 1-gen-2017 Pierini, A; Marchetti, V; Manca, Lm; Luchetti, E; Citi, Camilla; Melanie, P; Vannozzi, I; Lubas, G.; Manca, MARIA LAURA
Ultramicronized palmitoylethanolamide counteracts the effects of compound 48/80 in a canine skin organ culture model 1-gen-2017 Abramo, Francesca; Lazzarini, Giulia; Pirone, Andrea; Lenzi, Carla; Albertini, Sonia; della Valle, M. Frederica; Schievano, Carlo; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Miragliotta, Vincenzo
Usefulness of cytologic criteria in ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirates from subcentimeter canine mammary tumors 1-gen-2017 Pierini, Alessio; Millanta, Francesca; Zanforlin, Roberta; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Marchetti, Veronica
A retrospective study on the relationships between semen quality, dogs’ ageing and fertility 1-gen-2016 Rota, Alessandra; Tesi, Matteo; Di Petta, Gloria; Sabatini, Chiara; Vannozzi, Iacopo
Canine skin organ culture under serum free conditions: morpho-physiology and mast cell behaviour in response to degranulating and modulatory stimuli 1-gen-2016 Abramo, Francesca; Pirone, Andrea; Lenzi, Carla; della Valle, Maria Federica; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Miragliotta, Vincenzo
Development of a short-term canine full-thickness skin organ culture method under serum-free conditions 1-gen-2016 Abramo, Francesca; Pirone, Andrea; Lenzi, Carla; Della Valle, Maria Federica; Vidali, Silvia; Vannozzi, Iacopo; Miragliotta, Vincenzo
Establishment of a 2-week canine skin organ culture model and its pharmacological modulation by epidermal growth factor and dexamethasone 1-gen-2016 Abramo, Francesca; Pirone, Andrea; Lenzi, Carla; Vannozzi, Iacopo; della Valle, Maria Federica; Miragliotta, Vincenzo