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A 0.6V–1.8V Compact Temperature Sensor with 0.24 °C Resolution, ±1.4 °C Inaccuracy and 1.06 nJ per Conversion 1-gen-2022 Zambrano, B.; Garzon, E.; Strangio, S.; Iannaccone, G.; Lanuzza, M.
1/f Noise Characterization of Bilayer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors on Paper with Inkjet-Printed Contacts and hBN Dielectrics 1-gen-2021 Pimpolari, L.; Calabrese, G.; Conti, S.; Worsley, R.; Majee, S.; Polyushkin, D. K.; Paur, M.; Casiraghi, C.; Mueller, T.; Iannaccone, G.; Macucci, M.; Fiori, G.
A 220-mV input, 8.6 step-up voltage conversion ratio, 10.45-μW output power, fully integrated switched-capacitor converter for energy harvesting 1-gen-2017 Intaschi, Luca; Bruschi, Paolo; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Dalena, Francesco
2D Electronics: what can we really expect? 1-gen-2015 Fiori, Gianluca; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
2D materials-based electronics: where do we go from here? 1-gen-2015 Fiori, Gianluca; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
3D simulation of a silicon quantum dot in a magnetic field based on current spin density functional theory 1-gen-2006 Lisieri, M; Fiori, Gianluca; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A 109 nW, 44 ppm/°C CMOS Current Reference with Low Sensitivity to Process Variations 1-gen-2007 G., DE VITA; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A 2.6 nW, 0.45 V Temperature-Compensated Subthreshold CMOS Voltage Reference 1-gen-2011 L., Magnelli; F., Crupi; P., Corsonello; C., Pace; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A 300 nW, 12 ppm deg/C Voltage Reference in a Digital 0.35 micron CMOS Process, 1-gen-2006 G., DE VITA; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; P., Andreani
A Backscattering Model Incorporating the Effective Carrier Temperature in Nano-MOSFET 1-gen-2011 G., Giusi; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; F., Crupi; U., Ravaioli
A comparison of advanced transport models for the computation of the drain current in nanoscale nMOSFETs 1-gen-2009 P., Palestri; C., Alexander; A., Asenov; V., AUBRY FORTUNA; G., Baccarani; A., Bournel; M., Braccioli; B., Cheng; P., Dollfus; A., Esposito; D., Esseni; C., FENOUILLET BERANGER; C., Fiegna; Fiori, Gianluca; A., Ghetti; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; A., Martinez; B., Majkusiak; S., Monfray; V., Peikert; S., Reggiani; C., Riddet; J., SAINT MARTIN; E., Sangiorgi; A., Schenk; L., Selmi; L., Silvestri; P., Toniutti; J., Walczak
A Microscopically Accurate Model of Partially Ballistic NanoMOSFETs in Saturation Based on Channel Backscattering , 1-gen-2011 G., Giusi; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; F., Crupi
A model for MOS gate stack quality evaluation based on the gate current 1/f noise 1-gen-2008 P., Magnone; C., Crupi; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; G., Giusi; C., Pace; E., Simoen; C., Claeys
A picopower temperature-compensated, subthreshold CMOS voltage reference 1-gen-2014 Domenico, Albano; Felice, Crupi; Francesca, Cucchi; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A pipeline of associative memory boards for track finding 1-gen-2001 A., Annovi; M. G., Bagliesi; A., Bardi; R., Carosi; M., Dell'Orso; P., Giannetti; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; F., Morsani; M., Pietri; G., Varotto
A software platform for nanoscale device simulation and visualization 1-gen-2009 M., Gayer; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A SPICE-Compatible Model of Graphene Nano-Ribbon Field-Effect Transistors Enabling Circuit-Level Delay and Power Analysis under Process VariationDesign, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), 2013 1-gen-2013 Ying Yu, Chen; Artem, Rogachev; Amit, Sangai; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Fiori, Gianluca; Deming, Chen
A Sub-1 V, 10 ppm/°C, Nanopower Voltage Reference Generator 1-gen-2006 G., DE VITA; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A Sub-1-V, 10 ppm/ oC, Nanopower Voltage Reference Generator 1-gen-2007 G., DE VITA; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A Three-Dimensional Simulation Study of the Performance of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors With Doped Reservoirs and Realistic Geometry 1-gen-2006 Fiori, Gianluca; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Klimeck, G.