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Electric Propulsion Activities at DICI-Unipi 1-gen-2022 Paganucci, F.; Becatti, G.; Saravia, M. M.; Giammarinaro, G.; Marconcini, F.; Camarri, S.; Razionale, A. V.
On the onset of breathing mode in Hall thrusters and the role of electron mobility fluctuations 1-gen-2022 Leporini, L.; Giannetti, V.; Saravia, M. M.; Califano, F.; Camarri, S.; Andreussi, T.
T-shaped micromixers aligned in a row: characterization of the engulfment regime 1-gen-2022 Camarri, S.
A low-Reynolds-number actuator driven by instability: rotating or oscillating 1-gen-2021 Fang, W. -Z.; Viola, F.; Camarri, S.; Yang, C.; Zhu, L.
Homogenization-based design of microstructured membranes: Wake flows past permeable shells 1-gen-2021 Ledda, P. G.; Boujo, E.; Camarri, S.; Gallaire, F.; Zampogna, G. A.
Numerical and experimental investigation of longitudinal oscillations in hall thrusters 1-gen-2021 Giannetti, V.; Saravia, M. M.; Leporini, L.; Camarri, S.; Andreussi, T.
On the effect of a penetrating recirculation region on the bifurcations of the flow past a permeable sphere 1-gen-2021 Ciuti, M.; Zampogna, G. A.; Gallaire, F.; Camarri, S.; Ledda, P. G.
The effects of roughness levels on the instability of the boundary-layer flow over a rotating disk with an enforced axial flow 1-gen-2021 Al-Malki, M. A. S.; Garrett, S. J.; Camarri, S.; Hussain, Z.
Triple-deck analysis of the steady flow over a rotating disk with surface roughness 1-gen-2021 Chicchiero, C.; Segalini, A.; Camarri, S.
An Overview of Flow Features and Mixing in Micro T and Arrow Mixers 1-gen-2020 Camarri, S.; Mariotti, A.; Galletti, C.; Brunazzi, E.; Mauri, R.; Salvetti, M. V.
Investigation of the symmetry-breaking instability in a T-mixer with circular cross section 1-gen-2020 Chicchiero, C.; Siconolfi, L.; Camarri, S.
Flow dynamics of a dandelion pappus: A linear stability approach 1-gen-2019 Ledda, P. G.; Siconolfi, L.; Viola, F.; Camarri, S.; Gallaire, F.
Flow induced by a rotating cone: Base flow and convective stability analysis 1-gen-2019 Segalini, A.; Camarri, S.
Sensitivity analysis and passive control of the secondary instability in the wake of a cylinder 1-gen-2019 Giannetti, F.; Camarri, S.; Citro, V.
Stability properties of the mean flow after a steady symmetry-breaking bifurcation and prediction of the nonlinear saturation 1-gen-2019 Camarri, S.; Mengali, G.
On the stability of wake flows past porous bluff bodies 1-gen-2018 Siconolfi, Lorenzo; Giuseppe Ledda, Pier; Viola, Francesco; Camarri, Simone; Gallaire, Francois
Suppression of von Kármán vortex streets past porous rectangular cylinders 1-gen-2018 Ledda, P. G.; Siconolfi, L.; Viola, F.; Gallaire, F.; Camarri, S.
T-mixer operating with water at different temperatures: Simulation and stability analysis 1-gen-2018 Siconolfi, L.; Camarri, S.; Salvetti, M. V.
Flow control of weakly non-parallel flows: Application to trailing vortices 1-gen-2017 Viola, F.; Pezzica, E.; Iungo, G. V.; Gallaire, F.; Camarri, S.
Investigation of passive control of the wake past a thick plate by stability and sensitivity analysis of experimental data 1-gen-2017 Camarri, S.; Trip, R.; Fransson, J. H. M.