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Recent advances and perspectives in circular bio-binder extender to substitute part of the fossil based binder in asphalt mixture 1-gen-2024 Riccardi, Chiara; Losa, Massimo
A New Region-Based Minimal Path Selection Algorithm for Crack Detection and Ground Truth Labeling Exploiting Gabor Filters 1-gen-2023 de Leon, G.; Fiorentini, N.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.
Overfitting Prevention in Accident Prediction Models: Bayesian Regularization of Artificial Neural Networks 1-gen-2023 Fiorentini, N.; Pellegrini, D.; Losa, M.
Defining machine learning algorithms as accident prediction models for Italian two-lane rural, suburban, and urban roads 1-gen-2022 Fiorentini, N.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.
Experimental study on the performance properties of bio-based polymer modified binder 1-gen-2022 Riccardi, C.; Wang, D.; Losa, M.
Novel Methodology to Recover Road Surface Height Maps from Illuminated Scene through Convolutional Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 de Leon, G.; Cesbron, J.; Klein, P.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.
Recycling of waste oils as rejuvenators for aged bitumen in RAP 1-gen-2022 Filippi, Sara; Cappello, Miriam; Polacco, Giovanni; Rossi, Damiano; Losa, Massimo; Seggiani, Maurizia
A comparative environmental impact analysis of asphalt mixtures containing crumb rubber and reclaimed asphalt pavement using life cycle assessment 1-gen-2021 Bressi, S.; Santos, J.; Marko, O.; Losa, M.
Apparent Molecular Weight Distributions for Investigating Aging in Polymer-Modified Bitumen 1-gen-2021 Cappello, Miriam; Filippi, Sara; Hung, Yvong; Losa, Massimo; Polacco, Giovanni
Can machine learning and ps‐insar reliably stand in for road profilometric surveys? 1-gen-2021 Fiorentini, N.; Maboudi, M.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.
Classification and selection of exhausted oils for rejuvenating bituminous blends 1-gen-2021 Cuciniello, G.; Mallegni, N.; Cappello, M.; Filippi, S.; Leandri, P.; Polacco, G.; Losa, M.
Mix design and laboratory characterisation of rubberised mixture used as damping layer in pavements 1-gen-2021 Huang, J.; Leandri, P.; Cuciniello, G.; Losa, M.
Optimization of maintenance strategies for railway track-bed considering probabilistic degradation models and different reliability levels 1-gen-2021 Bressi, S.; Santos, J.; Losa, M.
Potential anti-vibration pavements with damping layer: Finite element (FE) modeling, validation, and parametrical studies 1-gen-2021 Huang, J.; Losa, M.; Leandri, P.; Kumar, S. G.; Zhang, J.; Sun, Y.
Predicting international roughness index by deep neural networks with Levenberg-Marquardt backpropagation learning algorithm 1-gen-2021 Fiorentini, Nicholas; Leandri, Pietro; Losa, Massimo
Use of recycled oils as rejuvenators for bituminous binders 1-gen-2021 Mallegni, N.; Cappello, M.; Filippi, S.; Leandri, P.; Polacco, G.; Losa, M.
A SWOT analysis of innovative high sustainability pavement surfaces containing crumb rubber modifier 1-gen-2020 Leandri, P.; Rocchio, P.; Losa, M.
Applicability of time-temperature superposition for laboratory-aged neat and SBS-modified bitumens 1-gen-2020 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Leandri, Pietro; Polacco, Giovanni; Airey, Gordon; Losa, Massimo
Assessing resilience of infrastructures towards exogenous events by using ps-insar-based surface motion estimates and machine learning regression techniques 1-gen-2020 Fiorentini, N.; Maboudi, M.; Losa, M.; Gerke, M.
Design of rubberized asphalt mixtures for noise and vibration damping layers 1-gen-2020 Huang, J.; Cuciniello, G.; Leandri, P.; Losa, M.