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An Update on Rainfall Thresholds for Rainfall-Induced Landslides in the Southern Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy) Using Different Statistical Methods 1-gen-2024 Giannecchini, Roberto; Zanon, Alessandro; Barsanti, Michele
Limits, challenges, and opportunities of sampling groundwater wells with plastic casings for microplastic investigations 1-gen-2024 Viaroli, Stefano; Lancia, Michele; Lee, Jin-Yong; Ben, Yujie; Giannecchini, Roberto; Castelvetro, Valter; Petrini, Riccardo; Zheng, Chunmiao; Re, Viviana
The selection of paired watersheds affects the assessment of wildfire hydrological impacts 1-gen-2024 Nigro, M.; Penna, D.; Baneschi, I.; Castelli, G.; Dani, A.; Menichini, M.; Piemontese, L.; Trucchi, P.; Preti, F.; Doveri, M.; Giannecchini, R.
Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater, Soil and the Food-Chain: Risk Management in a Densely Populated Area (Versilia Plain, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Ghezzi, Lisa; Arrighi, Simone; Petrini, Riccardo; Bini, Monica; Vittori Antisari, Livia; Franceschini, Fabrizio; Franchi, Maria Letizia; Giannecchini, Roberto
Dataset for: "Last century changes in annual precipitation in a Mediterranean area and their spatial variability. Insights from northern Tuscany (Italy)" 1-gen-2023 Nigro, Matteo; Barsanti, Michele; Giannecchini, Roberto
Field testing of tube-dip-in water precipitation collectors used in isotope hydrology 1-gen-2023 Natali, Stefano; Nigro, Matteo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Baneschi, Ilaria; Doveri, Marco; Zanchetta, Giovanni
High-resolution spatial analysis of temperature influence on the rainfall regime and extreme precipitation events in north-central Italy 1-gen-2023 Luppichini, Marco; Bini, Monica; Giannecchini, Roberto; Zanchetta, Giovanni
Hydrodynamic and geochemical behavior of a karst aquifer system exposed to contamination: analysis of the response of the Moresco Springs (Apuan Alps, Italy) to rainfall 1-gen-2023 Nigro, Matteo; Franceschi, Linda; Natali, Stefano; Doveri, Marco; Menichini, Matia; Giannecchini, Roberto
Hydrogeochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Waters in the Renella Cave (Central Italy): New Insights into Groundwater Dynamics 1-gen-2023 Chimenti, M; Natali, S; Giannecchini, R; Zanchetta, G; Baneschi, I; Doveri, M; Isola, I; Piccini, L
Machine learning models to complete rainfall time series databases affected by missing or anomalous data 1-gen-2023 Lupi, A.; Luppichini, M.; Barsanti, M.; Bini, M.; Giannecchini, R.
Mediterranean catchments post-fire hydrogeological behavior and water quality: insights from the Pisano Mount area (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Nigro, Matteo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Doveri, Marco; Menichini, Matia; Baneschi, Ilaria
Moisture sources and climatic effects controlling precipitation stable isotope composition in a western Mediterranean island (Pianosa, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Natali, Stefano; Doveri, Marco; Franceschi, Linda; Giannecchini, Roberto; Luppichini, Marco; Menichini, Matia; Zanchetta, Giovanni
Soils hydraulic conductivity tests in slopes affected by fire: an example on Pisani Mountains (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Mori, Lorenzo; Nigro, Matteo; Menichini, Matia; Baneschi, Ilaria; Doveri, Marco; Giannecchini, Roberto
Analysis of fragmented piezometric levels records: the ARTE (Antecedent Recharge Temporal Effectiveness) approach 1-gen-2022 Nigro, Matteo; Ambrosio, Michele; Fagioli, Maria-Teresa; Curcio, Chiara; Giannecchini, Roberto
CleverRiver: an open source and free Google Colab toolkit for deep-learning river-flow models 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M; Bini, M; Giannecchini, R
Deep learning models to predict flood events in fast-flowing watersheds 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M.; Barsanti, M.; Giannecchini, R.; Bini, M.
Impacts of a large wildfire on hydrologic behavior and water resources quality in the Pisano Mount area (northwestern Tuscany): preliminary results 1-gen-2022 Nigro, Matteo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Doveri, Marco; Menichini, Matia; Baneschi, Ilaria
Is the deuterium excess in precipitation a reliable tracer of moisture sources and water resources fate in the western Mediterranean? New insights from Apuan Alps (Italy) 1-gen-2022 Natali, S; Doveri, M; Giannecchini, R; Baneschi, I; Zanchetta, G
Misure di permeabilità dei suoli in un bacino montano interessato da incendio: un esempio sui Monti Pisani (Toscana, Italia). 1-gen-2022 Mori, Lorenzo; Nigro, Matteo; Menichini, Matia; Baneschi, Ilaria; Doveri, Marco; Giannecchini, Roberto
Risorse idriche 1-gen-2022 Barazzuoli, Piero; Giannecchini, Roberto; Doveri, Marco; Capacci, Fausto; Migliorini, Jenny