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181) Tumour markers improve cost-effectiveness ratio of post-operative follow-up of breast cancer patients. 1-gen-2000 Nicolini, Andrea; P., Ferrari; G., Tartarelli; L., Anselmi; M., Conte; P., Iacconi; Spinelli, Claudio; P., Miccol
A meta-analysis of the performance of serum tumour markers levels for early signalling distant metastases during post-operative follow-up of disease-free breast cancer patients 1-gen-2007 Nicolini, Andrea; G., Rossi; Mr, Metelli; A., Carpi; F., Fulceri; P., Ferrari; L., Anselmi; M., Conte; P., Berti; Miccoli, Paolo
A multistep therapy with subcutaneous low dose recombinant interleukin-2, 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin prolongs the response of metastatic colorectal cancer patients: a pilot study 1-gen-1998 Nicolini, Andrea; Carpi, Angelo; Ferrari, P; Sagripanti, A; Anselmi, L.
A new pharmacological approach to gastrointestinal cancer at high risk of relapse based on maintenance of the cytostatic effect 1-gen-2010 Nicolini, Andrea; Conte, M; Rossi, G; Ferrari, P; Carpi, Angelo; Miccoli, Paolo
A new pharmacological approach to gastrointestinal cancer at high risk of relapse based on maintenance of the cytostatic effect 1-gen-2010 Nicolini, Andrea; M., Conte; G., Rossi; P., Ferrari; A., Carpi; Miccoli, Paolo
A rational non invasive schedule with tumor markers, bone scanning (BS) and "aimed" computed tomography (CT) or skeletal x - ray for "early" detection of bone metastases in breast cancer 1-gen-1996 Nicolini, Andrea; P., Ferrari; L., Anselmi; M. R., Metelli; C., Colombini; M., Ferdeghini
A rationale follow-up with CEA-TPA-CA15.3 tumor marker panel strongly decreases the conventional instrumental examinations to monitor metastatic breast cancer patients 1-gen-1998 Nicolini, Andrea; Ferrari, P; Mr, Metelli; L., Anselmi; C., Caciagli; M., Camici; A., Carpi
A rationale non-invasive schedule with tumor markers and instrumental exsaminations for “early” detection of bone metastases in breast cancer 1-gen-1997 Nicolini, Andrea; P., Ferrari; L., Luciani; Metelli, M. R.; L., Anselmi; M., Ferdeghini
Accuracy of an individual reference limit (IRL) during intensive post-operative monitoring of disease-free breast cancer patients with serum CEA-TPA-CA15.3 tumor marker (TM) panel 1-gen-2011 Nicolini, Andrea; Fancelli, S; Ferrari, P; Anselmi, L; Conte, M; Miccoli, Paolo
Additional 5-FU-LV significantly increases survival in gastrointestinal cancer 1-gen-2011 Nicolini, Andrea; Conte, M; Rossi, G; Ferrari, P; Duffy, M; Barak, V; Carpi, Angelo; Miccoli, Paolo
Advanced breast cancer: an update and controversies on diagnosis and therapy 1-gen-2003 Nicolini, Andrea; Carpi, Angelo
Alpha-chemokine CXCL10 and beta-chemokine CCL2 serum levels in patients with hepatitis C-associated cryoglobulinemia in the presence or absence of autoimmune thyroiditis. 1-gen-2008 Antonelli, Alessandro; Ferri, C; Fallahi, P; Ferrari, Sm; Frascerra, S; Carpi, Angelo; Nicolini, Andrea; Ferrannini, Eleuterio
An immunotherapy schedule in endocrine-dependent metastatic breast cancer: correlation between clinical course and immunologic parameters 1-gen-2005 Nicolini, Andrea; Carpi, Angelo; Rossi, G.
An intensive and risk-adapted follow-up with CEA-TPA-CA19.9-CA72.4 tumour marker panel and abdominal US in diagnosing operable recurrences from colorectal cancer: impact on survival. 1-gen-2010 Nicolini, Andrea; Ferrari, P; Duffy, Mj; Antonelli, Alessandro; Rossi, G; Metelli, Mr; Fulceri, F; Anselmi, L; Conte, M; Berti, P; Miccoli, Paolo
Are risk factors common to thyroid cancer and nodule? A forty years observational time-trend study 1-gen-2012 Carpi, Angelo; Rossi, G; Romani, R; Di Coscio, G; Nicolini, Andrea; Simoncini, Tommaso; Russo, M; Mechanick, J.
Aspiration needle biobsy in preoperative selection of thyroid nodules defined at fine-needle aspiration as microfollicular lesions 1-gen-1999 Carpi, Angelo; F., Menchini Fabris; E., Ferrari; A., Sagripanti; Nicolini, Andrea; R., Romani; G., Di Coscio
Aspiration needle biopsy refines preoperative diagnosis of thyroid nodules defined at fine needle aspiration as microfollicular nodule 1-gen-1996 Carpi, Angelo; Ferrari, E; Sagripanti, A; Nicolini, Andrea; Iervasi, G; De Gaudio, C; Romani, R; Di Coscio, G.
Atherosclerosis and cancer: common pathways on the vascular endothelium 1-gen-2002 M., Morganti; Carpi, Angelo; Nicolini, Andrea; I., Gorini; B., Glaviano; M., Fini; G., Giavaresi; C., Mittermayer; R., Giardino
Beta-interferon and interleukin-2 prolong more than three times the survival of 26 consecutive endocrine dependent breast cancer patients with distant metastases: an exploratory trial 1-gen-2005 Nicolini, Andrea; Carpi, Angelo
Bioabsorbable scaffold for in situ bone regeneration. 1-gen-2006 Giardino, R; Nicoli Aldini, N; Fini, M; Tanzi, Mc; Fare, S; Draghi, L; Carpi, Angelo; Nicolini, Andrea; Giavaresi, G.