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A simulation model for analysing brain structure deformations 1-gen-2003 DI BONA, S; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Salvetti, O.
Analisi del riflesso stapediale nei tumori dell'angolo ponto-cerebellare. 1-gen-1983 Bruschini, Paolo; SELLARI FRANCESCHINI, Stefano; Pardini, L; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Bottoni, S; Berrettini, Stefano
Analysis of RR variability in drug-resistant epilepsy patients chronically treated with vagus nerve stimulation 1-gen-2003 Galli, R; Limbruno, U; Pizzanelli, C; Giorgi, Fs; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Strata, G; Pataleo, L; Mariani, M; Iudice, Alfonso; Murri, Luigi
DAYTIME VIGILANCE AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN EPILEPTIC PATIENTS TREATED WITH VAGUS NERVE STIMULATION 1-gen-2003 Galli, R; Bonanni, Enrica; Pizzanelli, C; Maestri, Michelangelo; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Giorgi, Fs; Iudice, Alfonso; Murri, Luigi
Deformation analysis of brain regions 1-gen-1997 Cecchi, A; DI SACCO, C; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Salvetti, O.
Effects of chronic nerve conduction block on formation of neuromuscular junctions and junctional AChE in the rat 1-gen-1980 Cangiano, A; Lomo, T; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Sveen, O.
Endoscopic Endonasal Transclival Approach to the Ventral Brainstem: Anatomic Study of the Safe Entry Zones Combining Fiber Dissection Technique with 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Guided Neuronavigation 1-gen-2018 Weiss, Alessandro; Perrini, Paolo; De Notaris, Matteo; Soria, Guadalupe; Carlos, Alarcon; Castagna, Maura; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Santonocito, Orazio Santo; Catapano, Giuseppe; Kassam, Amin; Prats-Galino, Alberto
Enteral nutrition in the critical neurosurgical patient. Effectiveness and tolerance of a prepared liquid diet 1-gen-1989 Ravelli, V; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Faggionato, F; Marconi, F; Luchetti, A.
Evaluation of daytime vigilance levels and quality of life in subjects with refractory epilepsy treated with vagus nerve stimulation 1-gen-2005 Galli, R; Bonanni, Enrica; Pizzanelli, C; Maestri, M; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Giorgi, Fs; Iudice, Alfonso; Murri, L.
Hemodynamic effects of superficial temporal artery-middle cerebral artery by-pass studied with angioscintigraphic functional images 1-gen-1984 Bellina, Cr; Fommei, Enza; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Palla, L; Parenti, G.
Hydrocephalus following bilateral dumbbell-shaped c2 spinal neurofibromas resection and postoperative cervical pseudomeningocele in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1: a case report 1-gen-2014 Montemurro, Nicola; Cocciaro, Ardico; Meola, Antonio; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Vannozzi, Riccardo
Key role of uridine kinase and uridine phosphorylase in homeostatic regulation of purine and pyrimidine salvage in brain 1-gen-2007 Balestri, Francesco; Barsotti, C; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Camici, Marcella; Ipata, Pl
Neurotoxic effects of 2,5 hexanedione in rats:early morphological and functional changes in nerve fibres and neuromuscular junctions 1-gen-1981 Cangiano, A; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Rizzuto, N; Simonati, A; Rossi, A; Toschi, G.
Non-equivalence of impulse blokade and denervation in the production of membrane chenges in rat skeletal muscle 1-gen-1977 Cangiano, A; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Nicotra, L.
Normal EDL and diaphragm muscles differ in their sensitivity to tetrodotoxin 1-gen-1980 Cangiano, A; Lutzemberger, Lodovico
On inferring blindsight from normal vision 1-gen-1985 Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Marzi, Ca; Tassinari, G.
Parkinsonian syndrome in the course of aqueductal stenosis hydrocephalus 1-gen-1988 Cantini, R; Ferrito, G; Lutzemberger, Lodovico; Marcacci, G.
Partial denervation affects both denervated and innervated fibers in the mammalian skeletal muscle 1-gen-1977 Cangiano, A; Lutzemberger, Lodovico
Partial denervation in inactive muscle affects innervated and denervated fibres equally 1-gen-1980 Cangiano, A; Lutzemberger, Lodovico
Physical deforming agents for virtual neurosurgery, 1-gen-2001 Marini, M; Salvetti, O; DI BONA, S; Lutzemberger, Lodovico