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A stochastic evaluation framework to improve the robustness of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2023 Pagone, E.; Haddad, Y.; Barsotti, L.; Dini, G.; Salonitis, K.
Improving ergonomics in mixed-model assembly lines balancing noise exposure and energy expenditure 1-gen-2023 DALLE MURA, Michela; Dini, G.
Influence of the energy density on the Young modulus and fatigue strength of Inconel 718 produced by L-PBF 1-gen-2023 Abruzzo, Michele; Macoretta, Giuseppe; Romoli, Luca; Dini, Gino
Sensitivity analysis and validation of a genetic approach to enhance ergonomics in assembly lines 1-gen-2023 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
Enhancing Ergonomics in Assembly Lines by a Genetic Approach 1-gen-2022 DALLE MURA, Michela; Dini, Gino
Job rotation and human–robot collaboration for enhancing ergonomics in assembly lines by a genetic algorithm 1-gen-2022 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
A proposal of an assembly workstation for car panel fitting aided by an augmented reality device 1-gen-2021 DALLE MURA, Michela; Dini, G.
An augmented reality approach for supporting panel alignment in car body assembly 1-gen-2021 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
Augmented Reality in Assembly Systems: State of the Art and Future Perspectives 1-gen-2021 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
Drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics with pre-cooling treatment by cryogenic fluid 1-gen-2021 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
End-of-life product disassembly with priority-based extraction of dangerous parts 1-gen-2021 Dalle Mura, M.; Pistolesi, F.; Dini, G.; Lazzerini, B.
Designing assembly lines with humans and collaborative robots: A genetic approach 1-gen-2019 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
Influence of cross-sectional geometry on mixing in a T-shaped micro-junction 1-gen-2019 Mariotti, A.; Lanzetta, M.; Dini, G.; Rossi, A.; Brunazzi, E.; Mauri, R.; Galletti, C.
Laser machining of glass microreactors: a first experimental study 1-gen-2019 DALLE MURA, Michela; Rossi, Andrea; Lanzetta, Michele; Dini, Gino
Optimizing ergonomics in assembly lines: A multi objective genetic algorithm 1-gen-2019 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.
An experimental analysis of laser machining for dental implants 1-gen-2018 DALLE MURA, Michela; Dini, Gino; Lanzetta, Michele; Rossi, Andrea
An innovative user-centred support tool for Augmented Reality maintenance systems design: A preliminary study 1-gen-2018 Fernández del Amo, Inigo; Galeotti, Elisa; Palmarini, Riccardo; Dini, Gino; Erkoyuncu, John; Roy, Rajkumar
Designing an AR interface to improve trust in Human-Robots collaboration 1-gen-2018 Riccardo, Palmarini; Inigo Fernandez del Amo, ; Bertolino, Guglielmo; Dini, Gino; John Ahmet Erkoyuncu, ; Rajkumar, Roy; Michael, Farnsworth
EMOGA: a hybrid genetic algorithm with extremal optimization core for multiobjective disassembly line balancing 1-gen-2018 Pistolesi, F; Lazzerini, B; Dalle Mura, M; Dini, G.
A Multi-Objective Software Tool for Manual Assembly Line Balancing using a Genetic Algorithm 1-gen-2017 Dalle Mura, M.; Dini, G.