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A component-based approach to the design of networked control systems 1-gen-2007 K. E., Arzen; Bicchi, Antonio; Dini, Gianluca; S., Hailes; K. H., Johansson; J., Lygeros; A., Tzes
A component-based approach to the design of networked control systems 1-gen-2007 Arzen, Ke; Bicchi, Antonio; Dini, Gianluca; Hailes, S; Johansson, Kh; Lygeros, J; Tzes, A.
A Cryptographic Suite for Underwater Cooperative Applications 1-gen-2011 Dini, Gianluca; LO DUCA, A.
A methodology for verification of digital items in fair exchange protocols with active trustee 1-gen-2007 Bottoni, A; Dini, Gianluca; STABELL KULOE, T.
A multi-criteria-based evaluation of android applications 1-gen-2012 Dini, Gianluca; F., Martinelli; I., Matteucci; M., Petrocchi; Saracino, Andrea; Sgandurra, Daniele
A New Neighborhood Monitoring Protocol for Co-ordination of Multi-AGVs 1-gen-2010 Dini, Gianluca; Giurlanda, Francesco
A Reputation-based Approach to Tolerate Misbehaving Carriers in Delay Tolerant Networks 1-gen-2010 Dini, Gianluca; LO DUCA, A.
A scalable platform for safe and secure decentralized traffic management of multiagent mobile systems 1-gen-2006 Danesi, A.; Fagiolini, A.; Savino, I.; Pallottino, Lucia; Schiavi, R.; Dini, Gianluca; Bicchi, Antonio
A Secure and Available Electronic Voting Service for a Large Scale Distributed System 1-gen-2003 Dini, Gianluca
A Secure Communication Suite for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks 1-gen-2012 Dini, Gianluca; Lo Duca, A.
A Security Architecture for Reconfigurable Networked Embedded Systems 1-gen-2010 Dini, Gianluca; Savino, IDA MARIA
A Social-Feedback Enriched Interface for Software Download 1-gen-2013 Dini, Gianluca; Foglia, Pierfrancesco; Prete, COSIMO ANTONIO; M., Zanda
A Solution to the GTS-Based Selective Jamming Attack on IEEE 802.15.4 Networks 1-gen-2014 Daidone, Roberta; Dini, Gianluca; Tiloca, Marco
ABE-Cities: An attribute-based encryption system for smart cities 1-gen-2018 Rasori, Marco; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca
An algorithm for reconnecting Wireless Sensor Network partitions 1-gen-2008 Dini, Gianluca; Pelagatti, M; Savino, IDA MARIA
An Analysis of User Interface Factors influencing the Acceptance of Code Download 1-gen-2006 Dini, Gianluca; Foglia, Pierfrancesco; Prete, COSIMO ANTONIO; Zanda, Michele
An efficient key revocation protocol for wireless sensor networks 1-gen-2006 Dini, Gianluca; I. M., Savino
An overview of the Moby Dick project 1-gen-1998 Smit G. J., M; Havinga P. J., M; Mullender, S; Helme, A; Hartvigsen, G; Fallmyr, T; Stabell Kulo, T; Bartoli, A; Dini, Gianluca; Rizzo, Luigi; Avvenuti, Marco
An Overview of Ulisse a Distributed Single Address Space System 1-gen-2000 Lettieri, Giuseppe; Dini, Gianluca; Lopriore, Lanfranco
An Overview of VOAC, a Virtual Organizations Access Control Infrastructure 1-gen-2006 Bottoni, A; Dini, Gianluca