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The 50 most cited articles about wrist surgery 1-gen-2018 Piolanti, N; Poggetti, A; Nucci, Am; Nesti, A; Marchetti, S; Parchi, Pd; Scaglione, M.
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with LARS™ artificial ligament results at a mean follow-up of eight years 1-gen-2013 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Ciapini, G; Dolfi, L; Piolanti, Nicola; Chiellini, F; Lisanti, Michele
APPLICATION OF A NEW WEARABLE VIDEO SEE- THROUGH AUGMENTED REALITY SYSTEM BASED ON HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAYS TO AID PERCUTANEOUS PROCEDURE IN SPINE SURGERY 1-gen-2015 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Piolanti, Nicola; Andreani, Lorenzo; Cervi, Valentina; Guido, Zarattini; Cutolo, Fabrizio; Carbone, Marina; Ferrari, Vincenzo; Lisanti, Michele
Bibliometric trend analysis in a decade of european orthopaedic literature 1-gen-2021 Mani, O.; Nucci, A. M.; Scaglione, M.; Bonicoli, E.; Parchi, P. D.; Piolanti, N.
Biomechanics of Interspinous Devices 1-gen-2014 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Evangelisti, Gisberto; Antonella, Vertuccio; Piolanti, Nicola; Andreani, Lorenzo; Cervi, Valentina; Christian, Giannetti; Giuseppe, Calvosa; Lisanti, Michele
Can external fixator applied to femoral shaft fracture be converted in to unreamed nail after delayed period of time? 1-gen-2008 Marchetti, Stefano; Piolanti, Nicola; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Digrandi, G; Scaglione, Michelangelo; Sabatini, S; Guido, Giulio; Lisanti, Michele; Bonamici, G.
Clinical and radiological results over the medium term of isolated acetabular revision 1-gen-2014 Piolanti, Nicola; Andreani, Lorenzo; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Bonicoli, Enrico; Niccolai, Francesco; Lisanti, Michele
Computer Tomography Prototyping and Virtual Procedure Simulation in Difficult Cases of Hip Replacement Surgery. 1-gen-2013 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Ferrari, Vincenzo; Piolanti, Nicola; Andreani, Lorenzo; Condino, Sara; Evangelisti, Gisberto; Lisanti, Michele
Densitometric evaluation of periprosthetic bone remodeling 1-gen-2014 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Valentina, Cervi; Piolanti, Nicola; Gianluca, Ciapini; Andreani, Lorenzo; Iacopo, Castellini; Poggetti, Andrea; Lisanti, Michele
Disegno protesico e selezione dell’impianto: dalla morfometria al posizionamento del primo impianto 1-gen-2007 Marchetti, Stefano; A., Faldini; G., Calvosa; Piolanti, Nicola; L., Andreani; Lisanti, Michele
Distally based peroneus brevis muscle flap in reconstructive surgery of the lower leg: Postoperative ankle function and stability evaluation 1-gen-2010 Lorenzetti, F; Lazzeri, D; Bonini, L; Giannotti, G; Piolanti, Nicola; Lisanti, Michele; Pantaloni, M.
Early experience about Anteversa(®) plate for lateral femur fractures 1-gen-2012 Bonicoli, E; Andreani, L; Piolanti, Nicola; Dolfi, L; Lisanti, Michele
Effect of vitamin D in fracture healing in a child: case report. 1-gen-2014 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Andreani, Lorenzo; Piolanti, Nicola; Niccolai, Francesco; Cervi, V; Lisanti, Michele
Evaluation of microbial adhesion and biofilm formation on nano-structured and nano-coated ortho-prosthetic materials by a dynamic model 1-gen-2020 Leonetti, S.; Tuvo, B.; Campanella, B.; Legnaioli, S.; Onor, M.; Bramanti, E.; Totaro, M.; Baggiani, A.; Giorgi, S.; Privitera, G. P.; Piolanti, N.; Parchi, P. D.; Casini, B.
Evaluation of orthopaedic fast-track surgery from 2009 to 2013 in an Italian hospital 1-gen-2014 Andreani, Lorenzo; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Bonicoli, Enrico; Piolanti, Nicola; Cervi, Valentina; Zarra, Veronica; Addevico, Francesco; Lisanti, Michele
EVALUATION OF PERIPROSTHETIC BONE RESORPTION SECONDARY TO FIRST TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT WITH METHA® SHORT HIP STEM: FOLLOW-UP EXAMINATION RESULTS AT 48 MONTHS 1-gen-2015 Ciapini, Gianluca; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Claudia, Mannucci; Castellini, Iacopo; Piolanti, Nicola; Andreani, Lorenzo; Silvia, Maffei; Lisanti, Michele
Evaluation of the Effects of the Metha® Short Stem on Periprosthetic Bone Remodelling in Total Hip Arthroplasties: Results at 48 Months 1-gen-2017 Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Ciapini, Gianluca; Castellini, Iacopo; Mannucci, Claudia; Nucci, ANNA MARIA; Piolanti, Nicola; Maffei, Silvia; Lisanti, Michele
The fifty most cited Italian articles in the orthopaedic literature 1-gen-2015 Piolanti, Nicola; Nesti, A.; Andreani, Lorenzo; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Cervi, Valentina; Castellini, Iacopo; Marchetti, Stefano
The Fight Against the Slime: Can We Ever Win? 1-gen-2015 Piolanti, Nicola; Lisanti, Michele; Andreani, Lorenzo; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Tagliaferri, Enrico; Menichetti, Francesco
Finger foot phalanx metastasis revealing occult pulmonary adenocarcinoma: A case report and review of the literature 1-gen-2013 Andreani, L; Parchi, PAOLO DOMENICO; Piolanti, Nicola; Lisanti, Michele