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CN - Cina 329
DE - Germania 130
FR - Francia 129
VN - Vietnam 56
JP - Giappone 54
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NL - Olanda 42
CA - Canada 40
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 40
IN - India 35
AT - Austria 26
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SG - Singapore 21
IE - Irlanda 16
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ES - Italia 13
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CL - Cile 9
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Shanghai 29
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Wageningen 25
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Eschweiler 19
Bengaluru 17
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Ottawa 16
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Milan 14
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Dallas 13
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San Francisco 13
Taipei 13
Hefei 12
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New York 11
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Tokyo 11
Toronto 11
Vicopisano 11
Zhengzhou 11
Chengdu 10
Civitavecchia 10
Helsinki 10
Lake Forest 10
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Henderson 7
Wuhan 7
Boulder 6
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Crugers 6
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Guangzhou 6
Mumbai 6
San Jose 6
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Bremen 5
Central 5
Cosenza 5
Herndon 5
Hong Kong 5
Massa 5
Palermo 5
Portland 5
Shotts 5
Bangkok 4
Belgrade 4
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Nürnberg 4
Pittsburgh 4
Provo 4
Reggio Di Calabria 4
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Agrigento 3
Amsterdam 3
Austin 3
Baran 3
Bari 3
Bogotá 3
Boston 3
Brighton 3
Büdelsdorf 3
Totale 2.497
Nome #
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Core Needle Biopsy Can Early and Precisely Identify Large Thyroid Masses, file e0d6c932-44f0-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
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2021/2022968 106 58 45 150 132 52 48 45 42 39 186 65
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