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Antarctic Ice Sheet re-advance during the Antarctic Cold Reversal identified in the Western Ross Sea 1-gen-2022 Baroni, C.; Tenti, M.; Bart, P. J.; Salvatore, M. C.; Gasperini, L.; Busetti, M.; Sauli, C.; Stucchi, E. M.; Tognarelli, A.
Acoustic global‐local FWI for p‐velocity estimation of near‐surface seismic data acquired in Luni, Italy 1-gen-2020 Stucchi, Eusebio; Pierini, Silvio; Tognarelli, Andrea; Brunod, Jimi
High-resolution coherency functionals for improving the velocity analysis of ground-penetrating radar data 1-gen-2020 Stucchi, E.; Ribolini, A.; Tognarelli, A.
Velocity model estimation by means of Full Waveform Inversion of transmitted waves: An example from a seismic profile in the geothermal areas of Southern Tuscany, Italy 1-gen-2020 Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.; Mazzotti, A.
Wavelet-Based Coherency Functional for Velocity Analysis of Seismic Reflection Data 1-gen-2020 Tognarelli, A.
Acoustic global FWI for shallow P-wave velocity field estimation 1-gen-2019 Brunod, J.; Pierini, S.; Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.
Comparison of Ground-Roll Attenuation Methods for Near Surface Investigations 1-gen-2019 Tognarelli, Andrea
Frequency and dynamics of millennial-scale variability during Marine Isotope Stage 19: Insights from the Sulmona Basin (central Italy) 1-gen-2019 Regattieri, E.; Giaccio, B.; Mannella, G.; Zanchetta, G.; Nomade, S.; Tognarelli, A.; Perchiazzi, N.; Vogel, H.; Boschi, C.; Drysdale, R. N.; Wagner, B.; Gemelli, M.; Tzedakis, P.
FWI of noisy seismic land data acquired for geothermal exploration 1-gen-2019 Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.; Mazzotti, A.
Use of Global-Local FWI of Seismic Land Data Acquired in a Geothermal Exploration Area 1-gen-2019 Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.; Mazzotti, A.
A Global-Local Experience of 2D Acoustic FWI on a Real Data Set 1-gen-2018 Galuzzi, B. G.; Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.
Application of acoustic global fwi on a shallow seismic reflection data set acquired in Luni (Tuscany) 1-gen-2018 Brunod, J.; Pierini, S.; Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.
Comparing Elastic Full-Waveform and AVA Inversions: Preliminary Results on Synthetic Data 1-gen-2018 Tognarelli, Andrea; Aleardi, Mattia; Mazzotti, Alfredo
Estimation of an acoustic velocity model for the crop M12a Seismic line using a gradient-based full waveform inversion 1-gen-2018 Galuzzi1, B.; Stucchi, E. M.; Tognarelli, Andrea
The use of Continuous Wavelet Transform for Ground-Roll attenuation 1-gen-2018 Tognarelli, Andrea
Wavelet analysis of δ18O and δ13C time-series from an Holocene speleothem record from Corchia Cave (central Italy): insights for the recurrence of dry-wet periods in the Central Mediterraneans 1-gen-2018 Tognarelli, Andrea; Zanchetta, Giovanni; Regattieri, Eleonora; Isola, Ilaria; Drysdale, Russell N.; Bini, Monica; Hellstrom, John C.
A two-step elastic full-waveform inversion applied to reflection seismic data for shallow hazard identification 1-gen-2017 Aleardi, Mattia; Tognarelli, Andrea
Elastic full-waveform inversion of single-component marine seismic data: preliminary results on the Marmousi-2 model 1-gen-2017 LO BUE, Rosalia; Tognarelli, Andrea; Aleardi, Mattia; Mazzotti, Alfredo
Experience of Fwi on Marine Seismic Data Using a Robust Optimization Procedure 1-gen-2017 B., Galuzzi; Tognarelli, A.; Stucchi, E.
SH-wave seismic reflection at a landslide (Patigno, NW Italy) integrated with P-wave 1-gen-2017 Stucchi, E.; Tognarelli, A.; Ribolini, A.