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Corpora and listening comprehension In corso di stampa Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Chapter 10. Analysing humour across ESP genres and discourse domains : a corpus-assisted analysis 1-gen-2023 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Analyzing Multimodality in Specialized Discourse Settings: Innovative Research Methods and Applications 1-gen-2022 Bonsignori, V.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Filmer, D.
Changing oral financial genres: From earnings conference calls to videocast strategy presentations 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Preface 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Bonsignori, V.; Filmer, D.
Special Issue: Multimodal approaches in ESP: Innovative research and practice 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Fortanet-Gómez, I.
The I-you Connection in Humanities and Social Sciences Lectures: Multimodal Insights 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
The multimodal expression of humour in a law lecture: An exploratory case study 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Towards developing multimodal literacies in the ESP classroom: methodological insights and practical applications 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Fortanet-Gómez, I.
Understanding phrasal verbs in academic lectures: some semantic and pragmatic insights from a corpus-driven analysis 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Analyzing attitudinal stance in OpenCourseWare lectures: An experimental mixed-method approach 1-gen-2021 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Teaching lecture comprehension skills through OpenCourseWare video-recorded lectures: A research-informed classroom application 1-gen-2021 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
The Multimodal Expression of Humour in University Lectures: Some Insights for ESP 1-gen-2021 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Detecting ideological stance in an economics lecture: A multi-faceted approach 1-gen-2020 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Different paths from transparency to trust? A comparative analysis of Finnish and Italian listed companies’ Investor Relations communication practices 1-gen-2020 Koskela, M.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Hyphenated phrasal expressions in fashion journalism: A diachronic corpus-assisted study of Vogue magazine 1-gen-2020 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Is Gender a Driver of Topic Choice? A Comparative Keyword Analysis of Political Cable News Interviews 1-gen-2020 Falcone, Mariasophia; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Shifting identities: Executives’ use of first person pro-forms in financial Q&A sessions 1-gen-2020 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
The OpenCourseWare lecture: A new twist on an old genre? 1-gen-2020 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Using English as a lingua franca to engage with investors: An analysis of Italian and Japanese companies’ investor relations communication policies 1-gen-2020 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.