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"Bigger, much bigger, massively much bigger": a comparative study of hyperbole in business and economics lectures 1-gen-2012 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
'Just wondering if you could comment on that': indirect requests for information in corporate earnings calls 1-gen-2009 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
A corpus-informed approach to teaching lecture comprehension skills in English for Business Studies 1-gen-2010 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Adjusting a business lecture for an international audience: A case study 1-gen-2005 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
An interdisciplinary approach to brand association research 1-gen-2014 Ranfagni, S.; Guercini, S.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Analyzing attitudinal stance in OpenCourseWare lectures: An experimental mixed-method approach 1-gen-2021 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Analyzing Multimodality in Specialized Discourse Settings: Innovative Research Methods and Applications 1-gen-2022 Bonsignori, V.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Filmer, D.
Audience-oriented relevance markers in business studies lectures 1-gen-2004 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Brand personality alignment and consumer engagement to define competitive positioning in online fashion communities: An interdisciplinary methodology 1-gen-2015 Faraoni, M.; Ranfagni, S.; Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Brand personality nelle comunità online 1-gen-2016 Faraoni, M.; Ranfagni, S.; Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Business English as a Lingua Franca in advertising texts in the Gulf: Analyzing the attitudes of the Emirati community 1-gen-2013 Nickerson, C.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Challenges and opportunities in accessing discourse data in business settings: Some reflections on research experiences 1-gen-2015 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Changing oral financial genres: From earnings conference calls to videocast strategy presentations 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Chapter 10. Analysing humour across ESP genres and discourse domains : a corpus-assisted analysis 1-gen-2023 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Chapter 24. Lectures 1-gen-2016 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Querol Julian, Maria Mercedes
Chapter Three: A multimodal analysis of interaction in academic lectures: A case study 1-gen-2016 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Collective and individual identities in business studies lectures 1-gen-2009 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Complete vs. unabridged texts: The role of metadiscouse in comprehension and readability 1-gen-2002 Crawford, BELINDA BLANCHE
Cornelia Ilie & Neal R. Norrick (eds.) (2018). Pragmatics and Its Interfaces (Book Review) 1-gen-2019 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.
Corpora and listening comprehension In corso di stampa Crawford Camiciottoli, B.