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Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater, Soil and the Food-Chain: Risk Management in a Densely Populated Area (Versilia Plain, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Ghezzi, Lisa; Arrighi, Simone; Petrini, Riccardo; Bini, Monica; Vittori Antisari, Livia; Franceschini, Fabrizio; Franchi, Maria Letizia; Giannecchini, Roberto
Chromium oxidation in the time-dependent response of the pyrolyzed tannery waste KEU: environmental implications 1-gen-2023 Petrini, R.; Ghezzi, L.; Mugnaioli, E.; Perchiazzi N., &; Franceschini, F
Hexavalent chromium release over time from a pyrolyzed Cr-bearing tannery sludge 1-gen-2023 Ghezzi, Lisa; Mugnaioli, Enrico; Perchiazzi, Natale; Duce, Celia; Pelosi, Chiara; Zamponi, Erika; Pollastri, Simone; Campanella, Beatrice; Onor, Massimo; Abdellatief, Mahmoud; Franceschini, Fabrizio; Petrini, Riccardo
Thallium uptake and risk in vegetables grown in pyrite past-mining contaminated soil amended with organic fertilizer (compost): A potential method for Tl contamination remediation 1-gen-2023 Wei, Xudong; Nicoletto, Carlo; Sambo, Paolo; Liu, Juan; Wang, Jin; Petrini, Riccardo; Renella, Giancarlo
Novel Determination of Elemental Mercury in Silicate Rock by Thermal Desorption 1-gen-2022 Ghezzi, L; Valerio, M; Petrini, R
SGI-SIMP 2022 - Geosciences for a sustainable future 1-gen-2022 Perchiazzi, N.; Mugnaioli, E.; Pollastri, S.; Franceschini, F.; Licitra, G.; Ghezzi L., &; Petrini, R.
Solid-state characterization of high-temperature processed chromium-bearing tannery sludges 1-gen-2022 Perchiazzi, N.; Mugnaioli, E.; Pollastri, S.; Franceschini, F.; Licitra, G.; Ghezzi, L.; Petrini, R.
The Legacy of Mercury Contamination from a Past Leather Manufacturer and Health Risk Assessment in an Urban Area (Pisa Municipality, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Ghezzi, Lisa; Arrighi, Simone; Giannecchini, Roberto; Bini, Monica; Valerio, Marta; Petrini, Riccardo
Trace Elements in Soil and Urban Groundwater in an Area Impacted by Metallurgical Activity: Health Risk Assessment in the Historical Barga Municipality (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Petrini, Riccardo; Ghezzi, Lisa; Arrighi, Simone; Genovesi, Lisa; Frassi, Chiara; Pandolfi, Luca
Geochemistry of Mine Stream Sediments and the Control on Potentially Toxic Element Migration: A Case Study from the Baccatoio Basin (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2021 Ghezzi, L.; Buccianti, A.; Giannecchini, R.; Guidi, M.; Petrini, R.
Geochemical characterization of recent Nile Delta inner shelf sediments: Tracing natural and human-induced alterations into a deltaic system 1-gen-2020 Mandour, A. S.; Ghezzi, L.; Lezzerini, M.; El-Gamal, A. A.; Petrini, R.; Elshazly, A.
Thallium pollution in water, soils and plants from a past-mining site of Tuscany: Sources, transfer processes and toxicity 1-gen-2020 D'Orazio, M.; Campanella, B.; Bramanti, E.; Ghezzi, L.; Onor, M.; Vianello, G.; Vittori-Antisari, L.; Petrini, R.
Arsenic contamination in domestic wells in the southern Versilia (Tuscany): investigation and hypothesis on origin and causes 1-gen-2019 Letizia Franchi, Maria; Franceschini, Fabrizio; Petrini, Riccardo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Staiano, Alessandro
Chromium isotopes tracking the resurgence of hexavalent chromium contamination in a past-contaminated area in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, northern Italy 1-gen-2019 Slejko, Francesca F.; Petrini, Riccardo; Lutman, Anna; Forte, Claudia; Ghezzi, Lisa
Elemental and Sr-isotope characterization of the high-altitude Bosa vineyard in the Apuan Alps UNESCO Global Geopark (Italy) 1-gen-2019 Ghezzi, Lisa; Petrini, Riccardo; Castorina, Francesca; Scotti, Carla; Ottria, Giuseppe; Bartelletti, Antonio
Evaporite Dissolution Rate through an on-site Experiment into Piezometric Tubes Applied to the Real Case-Study of Quinis (NE Italy) 1-gen-2019 Calligaris, Chiara; Ghezzi, Lisa; Petrini, Riccardo; Lenaz, Davide; Zini, Luca
Groundwater and potentially toxic elements in a dismissed mining area: Thallium contamination of drinking spring water in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2019 Ghezzi, Lisa; D'Orazio, Massimo; Doveri, Marco; Lelli, Matteo; Petrini, Riccardo; Giannecchini, Roberto
Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic composition of waters in a past-mining area of southern Apuan Alps (Italy): Hydrogeological characterization and implications on the fate of potentially toxic elements 1-gen-2019 Doveri, Marco; Stenni, Barbara; Petrini, Riccardo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Dreossi, Giuliano; Menichini, Matia; Ghezzi, Lisa
Toxicity of thallium at low doses: A review 1-gen-2019 Campanella, B.; Colombaioni, L.; Benedetti, E.; Di Ciaula, A.; Ghezzi, L.; Onor, M.; D'Orazio, M.; Giannecchini, R.; Petrini, R.; Bramanti, E.
Water quality and solute sources in the Marsyangdi River system of Higher Himalayan range (West-Central Nepal) 1-gen-2019 Ghezzi, L.; Iaccarino, S.; Carosi, R.; Montomoli, C.; Simonetti, M.; Paudyal, K. R.; Cidu, R.; Petrini, R.