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Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) Technologies for Reducing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Diseases in Industry 4.0 1-gen-2021 Ranavolo, A.; Chini, G.; Draicchio, F.; Silvetti, A.; Varrecchia, T.; Fiori, L.; Tatarelli, A.; Rosen, P. H.; Wischniewski, S.; Albrecht, P.; Vogt, L.; Bianchi, M.; Averta, G.; Cherubini, A.; Fritzsche, L.; Sartori, M.; Vanderborght, B.; Govaerts, R.; Ajoudani, A.
Smart Collaborative Systems for Enabling Flexible and Ergonomic Work Practices [Industry Activities] 1-gen-2020 Ajoudani, A.; Albrecht, P.; Bianchi, M.; Cherubini, A.; Del Ferraro, S.; Fraisse, P.; Fritzsche, L.; Garabini, M.; Ranavolo, A.; Rosen, P. H.; Sartori, M.; Tsagarakis, N.; Vanderborght, B.; Wischniewski, S.
The sensor-based biomechanical risk assessment at the base of the need for revising of standards for human ergonomics 1-gen-2020 Ranavolo, A.; Ajoudani, A.; Cherubini, A.; Bianchi, M.; Fritzsche, L.; Iavicoli, S.; Sartori, M.; Silvetti, A.; Vanderborght, B.; Varrecchia, T.; Draicchio, F.
A Real-Time Identification and Tracking Method for the Musculoskeletal Model of Human Arm 1-gen-2019 Fang, C.; Ajoudani, A.; Bicchi, A.; Tsagarakis, N. G.
A Self-Adaptive Robot Control Framework for Improved Tracking and Interaction Performances in Low-Stiffness Teleoperation 1-gen-2019 Scibilia, A.; Laghi, M.; De Momi, E.; Peternel, L.; Ajoudani, A.
Design and Validation of a Modular One-To-Many Actuator for a Soft Wearable Exosuit 1-gen-2019 Xiloyannis, Michele; Annese, Eugenio; Canesi, Marco; Kodiyan, Anil; Bicchi, Antonio; Micera, Silvestro; Ajoudani, Arash; Masia, Lorenzo
Shared-Autonomy Control for Intuitive Bimanual Tele-Manipulation 1-gen-2019 Laghi, M.; Maimeri, M.; Marchand, M.; Leparoux, C.; Catalano, M.; Ajoudani, A.; Bicchi, A.
Unifying bilateral teleoperation and tele-impedance for enhanced user experience 1-gen-2019 Laghi, Marco; Ajoudani, Arash; Catalano, MANUEL GIUSEPPE; Bicchi, Antonio
Analytical and Experimental Analysis for Position Optimization of a Grasp Assistance Supernumerary Robotic Hand 1-gen-2018 Ciullo, ANDREA STEFANO; Felici, F.; Catalano, M. G.; Grioli, G.; Ajoudani, A.; Bicchi, A.
Online Model Based Estimation of Complete Joint Stiffness of Human Arm 1-gen-2018 Fang, Cheng; Ajoudani, Arash; Bicchi, Antonio; Tsagarakis, Nikos G.
Choosing Poses for Force and Stiffness Control 1-gen-2017 Ajoudani, Arash; Tsagarakis, Nikos G.; Bicchi, Antonio
Modular one-to-many clutchable actuator for a soft elbow exosuit 1-gen-2017 Canesi, Marco; Xiloyannis, M.; Ajoudani, A.; Bicchi, A.; Masia, L.
Tele-impedance with force feedback under communication time delay 1-gen-2017 Laghi, M.; Ajoudani, A.; Catalano, M.; Bicchi, A.
Teleimpedance Control: Overview and Application 1-gen-2016 Ajoudani, Arash; Godfrey, Sasha B.; Tsagarakis, Nikos; Bicchi, Antonio
A reduced-complexity description of arm endpoint stiffness with applications to teleimpedance control 1-gen-2015 Ajoudani, Arash; Fang, Cheng; Tsagarakis, Nikos G.; Bicchi, Antonio
Electromyographic mapping of finger stiffness in tripod grasp: a proof of concept 1-gen-2015 Rossi, M.; Altobelli, Alessandro; Godfrey, S. B.; Ajoudani, Arash; Bicchi, Antonio
Active gathering of frictional properties from objects 1-gen-2014 ROSALES GALLEGOS, CARLOS JOSE; Ajoudani, Arash; Gabiccini, Marco; Bicchi, Antonio
Exploring haptic feedback for the Pisa/IIT SoftHand 1-gen-2014 Godfrey, Sasha BLUE; Ajoudani, Arash; Bianchi, Matteo; Catalano, MANUEL GIUSEPPE; Grioli, Giorgio; Bicchi, Antonio
Manipulation Framework for Compliant Humanoid COMAN: Application to a Valve Turning Task 1-gen-2014 Ajoudani, Arash; Lee, J.; Rocchi, Alessio; Ferrati, Mirko; Hoffman, E.; Settimi, Alessandro; Caldwell, G; Bicchi, Antonio; Tsagarakis, N. G.
Natural Redundancy Resolution in Dual-Arm Manipulation using Configuration Dependent Stiffness (CDS) Control 1-gen-2014 Ajoudani, Arash; N. G., Tsagarakis; J., Lee; Gabiccini, Marco; Bicchi, Antonio