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Active and passive diffusion processes in complex networks 1-gen-2018 Milli, Letizia; Rossetti, Giulio; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca
AUDIO ERGO SUM a personal data model for musical preferences 1-gen-2016 Guidotti, Riccardo; Rossetti, Giulio; Pedreschi, Dino
CDlib: A python library to extract, compare and evaluate communities from complex networks 1-gen-2020 Rossetti, G.; Milli, L.; Cazabet, R.
Characterising Different Communities of Twitter Users: Migrants and Natives 1-gen-2022 Kim, J.; Sirbu, A.; Rossetti, G.; Giannotti, F.
Community-centric analysis of user engagement in Skype social network 1-gen-2015 Rossetti, Giulio; Pappalardo, Luca; Kikas, Riivo; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca; Dumas, Marlon
Delta-Conformity: multi-scale node assortativity in feature-rich stream graphs 1-gen-2022 Citraro, Salvatore; Milli, Letizia; Cazabet, Rémy; Rossetti, Giulio
DEMON: a local-first discovery method for overlapping communities 1-gen-2012 Michele, Coscia; Rossetti, Giulio; Giannotti, Fosca; Pedreschi, Dino
Dynamic community analysis in decentralized online social networks 1-gen-2018 Guidi, B.; Michienzi, A.; Rossetti, G.
Efficient distributed computation of human mobility aggregates through user mobility profiles 1-gen-2012 Nanni, Mirco; Trasarti, Roberto; Rossetti, Giulio; Pedreschi, Dino
Forecasting success via early adoptions analysis: A data-driven study 1-gen-2017 Rossetti, Giulio; Milli, Letizia; Giannotti, Fosca; Pedreschi, Dino
The Fractal Dimension of Music: Geography, Popularity and Sentiment Analysis 1-gen-2018 Pollacci, L.; Guidotti, R.; Rossetti, G.; Giannotti, F.; Pedreschi, D.
Homophilic network decomposition: a community-centric analysis of online social services 1-gen-2016 Rossetti, Giulio; Pappalardo, Luca; Kikas, Riivo; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca; Dumas, Marlon
How Data Mining and Machine Learning Evolved from Relational Data Base to Data Science 1-gen-2018 Amato, G.; Candela, L.; Castelli, D.; Esuli, A.; Falchi, F.; Gennaro, C.; Giannotti, F.; Monreale, A.; Nanni, M.; Pagano, P.; Pappalardo, L.; Pedreschi, D.; Pratesi, F.; Rabitti, F.; Rinzivillo, S.; Rossetti, G.; Ruggieri, S.; Sebastiani, F.; Tesconi, M.
How Well Do We Know Each Other? Detecting Tie Strength in Multidimensional Social Networks 1-gen-2012 Pappalardo, Luca; Rossetti, Giulio; Pedreschi, Dino
Information diffusion in complex networks: The active/passive conundrum 1-gen-2018 Milli, Letizia; Rossetti, Giulio; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca
Interaction prediction in dynamic networks exploiting community discovery 1-gen-2015 Rossetti, Giulio; Guidotti, Riccardo; Pennacchioli, Diego; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca
The italian music superdiversity: Geography, emotion and language: one resource to find them, one resource to rule them all 1-gen-2019 Pollacci, Laura; Guidotti, Riccardo; Rossetti, Giulio; Giannotti, Fosca; Pedreschi, Dino
“Know thyself” how personal music tastes shape the online social network 1-gen-2020 Guidotti, R.; Rossetti, G.
Market Basket Prediction Using User-Centric Temporal Annotated Recurring Sequences 1-gen-2017 Guidotti, Riccardo; Rossetti, Giulio; Pappalardo, Luca; Giannotti, Fosca; Pedreschi, Dino
Modeling algorithmic bias: simplicial complexes and evolving network topologies 1-gen-2022 Pansanella, V; Rossetti, G; Milli, L