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A Blockchain Tokenizer for Industrial IOT trustless applications 1-gen-2020 Mazzei, D.; Baldi, G.; Fantoni, G.; Montelisciani, G.; Pitasi, A.; Ricci, L.; Rizzello, L.
Improving the Efficiency of Industrial Processes with a Plug and Play IOT Data Acquisition Platform 1-gen-2018 Mazzei, Daniele; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Baldi, Giacomo; Bau', Andrea; Cipriani, Matteo; Fantoni, Gualtiero
System, device and method for securely transferring information from a hardware to a blockchain 1-gen-2018 Baldi, G.; Fantoni, G.; Mazzei, D.; Montelisciani, G
A full stack for quick prototyping of IoT solutions 1-gen-2016 Mazzei, Daniele; Baldi, Giacomo; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Method and system for preparing code to be executed by programmable control devices 1-gen-2016 Baldi, Giacomo; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Mazzei, Daniele; Montelisciani, Gabriele
Changing the programming paradigm for the embedded in the IoT domain 1-gen-2015 Mazzei, Daniele; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Baldi, Giacomo; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Developing integrated sustainable product-process-service systems at the early product design stages 1-gen-2015 Montelisciani, Gabriele; Gabelloni, Donata; Fantoni, Gualtiero
How the Next Generation of Products Pushes to Rethink the Role of Users and Designers 1-gen-2014 Montelisciani, Gabriele; Mazzei, Daniele; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Internet of Things for designing smart objects 1-gen-2014 Mazzei, Daniele; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Giacomo, Baldi
Inventive guidelines for a TRIZ-based eco-design matrix 1-gen-2014 D., Russo; C., Rizzi; Montelisciani, Gabriele
Ordering the Chaos: a Guided Translation of Needs into Product Requirements 1-gen-2014 Montelisciani, Gabriele; Gabelloni, Donata; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Calgaro, EMANUELE GIOVANNI; C., Taviani
Skills and wills: the keys to identify the right team in collaborative innovation platforms 1-gen-2014 Montelisciani, Gabriele; Gabelloni, Donata; Tazzini, Giacomo; Fantoni, Gualtiero
A Structured Team Building Method for Collaborative Crowdsourcing 1-gen-2013 Tazzini, G.; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Gabelloni, D.; Paganucci, S.; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Implementing collaborative crowd sourcing in different design problems 1-gen-2013 D., Gabelloni; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Procedimento di valutazione di un prodotto 1-gen-2012 Fantoni, Gualtiero; Montelisciani, Gabriele
Sustainability assessment by analogy in early design stages 1-gen-2012 Montelisciani, Gabriele; Gabelloni, Donata; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Bonaccorsi, Andrea
You solve, I learn: a novel approach to e-learning in collaborative crowdsourcing 1-gen-2012 Fantoni, Gualtiero; Apreda, R; Gabelloni, D; Montelisciani, Gabriele