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An Ex Vivo Electroretinographic Apparatus for the mL-Scale Testing of Drugs to One Day and Beyond 1-gen-2023 Cangiano, Lorenzo; Asteriti, Sabrina
A hybrid stochastic/deterministic model of single photon response and light adaptation in mouse rods 1-gen-2021 Beelen, C. J.; Asteriti, S.; Cangiano, L.; Koch, K. -W.; Dell'Orco, D.
Interphotoreceptor coupling: an evolutionary perspective 1-gen-2021 Cangiano, L.; Asteriti, S.
Versatile bipolar temperature controller for custom in vitro applications 1-gen-2020 Asteriti, S.; Cangiano, L.
Lumbar spinal cord neurons putatively involved in ejaculation are sexually dimorphic in early postnatal mice 1-gen-2019 Federighi, G.; Asteriti, S.; Cangiano, L.
Two simple criteria to estimate an objective's performance when imaging in non design tissue clearing solutions 1-gen-2019 Asteriti, Sabrina; Ricci, Valeria; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Commentary: Elimination of Left-Right Reciprocal Coupling in the Adult Lamprey Spinal Cord Abolishes the Generation of Locomotor Activity 1-gen-2018 Cangiano, Lorenzo; Grillner, Sten
Connexin 36 expression is required for electrical coupling between mouse rods and cones 1-gen-2017 Asteriti, Sabrina; Gargini, MARIA CLAUDIA; Cangiano, Lorenzo
MiR-211 is essential for adult cone photoreceptor maintenance and visual function 1-gen-2017 Barbato, Sara; Marrocco, Elena; Intartaglia, Daniela; Pizzo, Mariateresa; Asteriti, Sabrina; Naso, Federica; Falanga, Danila; Bhat, Rajeshwari S.; Meola, Nicola; Carissimo, Annamaria; Karali, Marianthi; Prosser, Haydn M.; Cangiano, Lorenzo; Surace, Enrico Maria; Banfi, Sandro; Conte, Ivan
Loss of HCN1 enhances disease progression in mouse models of CNG channel-linked retinitis pigmentosa and achromatopsia 1-gen-2016 Schön, Christian; Asteriti, Sabrina; Koch, Susanne; Sothilingam, Vithiyanjali; Garrido, Marina Garcia; Tanimoto, Naoyuki; Herms, Jochen; Seeliger, Mathias W.; Cangiano, Lorenzo; Biel, Martin; Michalakis, Stylianos
A cambrian origin for vertebrate rods 1-gen-2015 Asteriti, Sabrina; Grillner, Sten; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Effective delivery of recombinant proteins to rod photoreceptors via lipid nanovesicles 1-gen-2015 Asteriti, Sabrina; Dal Cortivo, Giuditta; Pontelli, Valeria; Cangiano, Lorenzo; Buffelli, Mario; Dell'Orco, Daniele
Slow light response kinetics in rods points towards a perturbation of the normal cellular milieu 1-gen-2015 Asteriti, Sabrina; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Interazioni tra fotorecettori 1-gen-2014 Asteriti, Sabrina; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Mouse rods signal through gap junctions with cones 1-gen-2014 Asteriti, Sabrina; Gargini, MARIA CLAUDIA; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Detecting single photons: a supramolecular matter? 1-gen-2013 Cangiano, Lorenzo; Dell'Orco, D.
Rod-cone coupling studied in single mouse cones: impact and regulation 1-gen-2013 Asteriti, Sabrina; Gargini, MARIA CLAUDIA; Cervetto, Luigi; Cangiano, Lorenzo
Processing of Retinal Signals in Normal and HCN Deficient Mice 1-gen-2012 DELLA SANTINA, Luca; Piano, Ilaria; Cangiano, Lorenzo; Caputo, Antonella; Ludwig, A; Cervetto, Luigi; Gargini, MARIA CLAUDIA
The hemisegmental locomotor network revisited 1-gen-2012 Cangiano, Lorenzo; Hill, Rh; Grillner, S.
The Photovoltage of Rods and Cones in the Dark-Adapted Mouse Retina 1-gen-2012 Cangiano, Lorenzo; Asteriti, Sabrina; Cervetto, Luigi; Gargini, MARIA CLAUDIA