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Vehicle sideslip angle estimation using Kalman filters: Modelling and validation In corso di stampa Pieralice, Cristiano; Lenzo, Basilio; Bucchi, Francesco; Gabiccini, Marco
Battery Electric Vehicles: How Many Gears? A Technical–Economic Analysis 1-gen-2023 Bertucci, Emmanuele; Bucchi, Francesco; Ceraolo, Massimo; Frendo, Francesco; Lutzemberger, Giovanni
Experimental Bench for the Analysis of Belt Deformation in Belt–Pulley Systems by Digital Image Correlation 1-gen-2023 Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.; Neri, P.
Numerical-experimental characterization of the dynamic behavior of PCB for the fatigue analysis of PCBa 1-gen-2023 Fontana, F.; Chiocca, A.; Sgamma, M.; Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.
Rapid and accurate fatigue assessment by an efficient critical plane algorithm: application to a FSAE car rear upright 1-gen-2023 Chiocca, A.; Sgamma, M.; Frendo, F.; Bucchi, F.
Analytical Derivation and Analysis of Vertical and Lateral Installation Ratios for Swing Axle, McPherson and Double Wishbone Suspension Architectures 1-gen-2022 Bucchi, F.; Lenzo, B.
Frequency analysis of random fatigue: setup for an experimental study 1-gen-2022 Sgamma, M; Chiocca, A; Bucchi, F; Frendo, F
Influence of the stress history and of the Lode angle on the determination of the ductile fracture locus for two steel alloys 1-gen-2022 Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.; Moreschini, C.
On the Influence of Mean Value on Random Fatigue Damage Computation 1-gen-2022 Sgamma, Michele; Bucchi, Francesco; Frendo, Francesco
PRELIMINARY EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS OF A PULSATING HEAT PIPE WITH A LONG ADIABATIC SECTION 1-gen-2022 Perna, R.; Slobodeniuk, M.; Pagliarini, L.; Mameli, M.; Bucchi, F.; Romestant, C.; Cattani, L.; Bozzoli, F.; Ayel, V.; Filippeschi, S.
Validation of the brush model for the analysis of flat belt transmissions in steady-state conditions by finite element simulation 1-gen-2022 Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.
A phenomenological model for chain transmission efficiency 1-gen-2021 Sgamma, M.; Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.
Analysis of belt transmissions capabilities using the brush model 1-gen-2021 Bucchi, F; Frendo, F
Design of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Self-Deployable Heat Exchangers 1-gen-2021 Perna, R.; Mameli, M.; Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.; Filippeschi, S.
Experimental modal analysis of SSR1 cryomodule for numerical model tuning and validation 1-gen-2021 Barnaba, A; Bucchi, F; Neri, P; Passarelli, D
Experimental validation of the Finite Element-Multibody model of a cryomodule during road transportation 1-gen-2021 Bucchi, Francesco; Neri, Paolo; Passarelli, Donato
On the investigation of energy efficient torque distribution strategies through a comprehensive powertrain model 1-gen-2021 Salamone, S.; Lenzo, B.; Lutzemberger, G.; Bucchi, F.; Sani, L.
On the use of shape memory alloys for deployable passive heat radiators in space satellites 1-gen-2021 Bacciotti, A; Bucchi, F; Frendo, F; Mameli, M; Perna, R; Filippeschi, S
Preliminary design of a self-deployable Pulsating Heat Pipe by means of a Shape Memory Alloy actuator 1-gen-2021 Perna, R.; Mameli, M.; Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.; Filippeschi, S.
Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Passive Thermally Driven Deployable Panel 1-gen-2021 Perna, R.; Mameli, M.; Bucchi, F.; Frendo, F.; Filippeschi, S.