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): The Montecristo Monzogranite (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Italy): a collisional pluton in an extensional setting 1-gen-1997 Innocenti, Fabrizio; Westerman, D. S.; Rocchi, Sergio; Tonarini, S.
Analogue modelling of continental extension: a review focused on the relations between the patterns of deformation and the presence of magma 1-gen-2003 Corti, G.; Bonini, M.; Conticelli, S.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Sokoutis, D.
Carbonatites in a subduction system: the Pleistocene alvikites from Mt. Vulture (southern Italy) 1-gen-2007 D'Orazio, Massimo; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Tonarini, S; Doglioni, C.
Centrifuge models simulating magma emplacement during oblique rifting 1-gen-2001 Corti, G.; Bonini, M.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Mulugeta, G.
Chemical variation in the Campanian Ignimbrite, Italy: hydrothermal modification or pre-eruptive fractionation? A reply 1-gen-1984 Barberi, F; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Lirer, L; Munno, R; Pescatore, T; Santacroce, Roberto
Coexisting geodynamic processes in the Sicily Channel 1-gen-2006 Corti, G; Cuffaro, M; Doglioni, C; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.
Constraints for an interpretation of the italian geodynamics: a review 1-gen-2003 Scrocca, D.; Doglioni, C.; Innocenti, Fabrizio
Continental rift architecture and pattern of magma migration: A dynamic analysis based on centrifuge models 1-gen-2004 Corti, G.; Bonini, M.; Sokoutis, D.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Cloeting, S.; Mulugeta, G.
Crystal population density in not stationary volcanic systems: estimate of olivine growth rate in basalts of Lanzarote (Canary Islands) 1-gen-1991 Armienti, Pietro; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Pareschi, M. T.; Pompilio, M.; Rocchi, Sergio
Digital Atlas of the Mount Etna volcano 1-gen-1999 Pareschi, M. T.; Cavarra, L.; Favalli, M.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Mazzarini, F.; Pasquare', G.
Dynamics of magma emplacement in centrifuge models of continental extension with implications for flank volcanism 1-gen-2001 Bonini, M.; Sokoutis, D.; Mulugeta, G.; Boccaletti, M.; Corti, G.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Mazzarini, F.
Elba Island: intrusive magmatism 1-gen-2003 Rocchi, Sergio; Dini, A.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Tonarini, S.; Westerman, D. S.
Genesis and evolution of Mt Etna alkaline lavas: petrological and Sr-Nd-B isotope constraints 1-gen-2004 Armienti, Pietro; Tonarini, S.; D'Orazio, Massimo; Innocenti, Fabrizio
Geochemical and isotopic monitoring of Mt. Etna 1989-1993 eruptive activity: bearing on the shallow feeding system 1-gen-1995 Tonarini, S.; Armienti, Pietro; D'Orazio, Massimo; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Pompilio, M.; Petrini, Riccardo
Geochemical and isotopic structure of the early Palaeozoic active margin of Gondwana in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 1-gen-1998 Rocchi, Sergio; Tonarini, S.; Armienti, Pietro; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.
Geochemical features of eastern Sicily lithosphere as probed by Hyblean xenoliths and lavas 1-gen-1996 Tonarini, S.; D'Orazio, Massimo; Armienti, Pietro; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Scribano, V.
Geological map of central and western Elba magmatic rocks: a historical perspective and new data 1-gen-2004 Dini, A.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Rocchi, Sergio; Westerman, D. S.
Giglio Island: intrusive magmatism 1-gen-2003 Westerman, D. S.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Rocchi, Sergio
Granite Harbour Intrusives from North Victoria Land between David and Campbell Glaciers: new geochronological data 1-gen-1990 Armienti, Pietro; Ghezzo, C.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Rocchi, Sergio; Tonarini, S.
Il rischio vulcanico nei Campi Flegrei 1-gen-1984 Barberi, F; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Luongo, G; Rosi, Mauro; Santacroce, Roberto; Scandone, R.