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IN-service inspection and on-line monitoring of inaccessible components in nuclear power plants using guided wave technology 1-gen-2014 Turcu, Florin; Cappelli, Mauro; Mazzini, Davide; Pistelli, Sergio; Raugi, Marco
Analysis of corrosion areas in pipelines using guided wave propagation: Numerical simulations and experimental tests 1-gen-2013 Turcu, FLORIN OCTAVIAN; Bertoncini, Francesco; Giunta, G.; Raugi, Marco
Time, Wavelet and Hilbert-Huang Domain Analysis of Signals from Ultrasonic Based NDT 1-gen-2008 Barmada, Sami; Musolino, Antonino; Tucci, Mauro; Turcu, FLORIN OCTAVIAN; Raugi, Marco
Classification of defects for guided waves inspected pipes by a neural network approach 1-gen-2007 Acciani, G; Brunetti, G.; Fornarelli, G.; Bertoncini, Francesco; Raugi, Marco; Turcu, FLORIN OCTAVIAN
Long range guided wave inspection of pipelines by a new local magnetostrictive transducer 1-gen-2007 Bertoncini, Francesco; Raugi, Marco; Turcu, FLORIN OCTAVIAN; Acciani, G.; Brunetti, G.; Fornarelli, G.
Long range guided waves characterization of defects by two port equivalents 1-gen-2005 Bertoncini, Francesco; Musolino, Antonino; Raugi, Marco; Turcu, FLORIN OCTAVIAN