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3D printed zeolite monoliths as open-source spare parts for oxygen concentrators 1-gen-2024 Coro, Florinda; DI PIETRO, Licia; Micalizzi, Simone; Bertei, Antonio; Gallone, Giuseppe; RASPOLLI GALLETTI, ANNA MARIA; Ahluwalia, Arti; DE MARIA, Carmelo
Chemical Origins of a Fast-Charge Performance in Disordered Carbon Anodes 1-gen-2023 Ahn, S.; Lagnoni, M.; Yuan, Y.; Ogarev, A.; Vavrinyuk, E.; Voynov, G.; Barrett, E.; Pelli, A.; Atrashchenko, A.; Platonov, A.; Gurevich, S.; Gorokhov, M.; Rupasov, D.; Robertson, A. W.; House, R. A.; Johnson, L. R.; Bertei, A.; Chernyshov, D. V.
Co-precipitation of Cathode Active Materials Precursors in Lithium-ion Batteries Recycling: Experiments and Modeling 1-gen-2023 Vaccari, Marco; Barontini, Federica; Bertei, Antonio; Puccini, Monica; Tognotti, Leonardo
Differences between graphite and disordered carbon anodes for high-power Li-ion batteries 1-gen-2023 Lagnoni, Marco; Ahn, Sunyhik; Chernyshov, Denis; Bertei, Antonio
Fabrication and electrochemical modelling of 8YSZ and GDC10 freeze tape cast scaffolds for solid oxide cells (SOCs) 1-gen-2023 Cademartori, D.; Mercadelli, E.; Gondolini, A.; Asensio, A. M.; Bertei, A.; Sanson, A.; Carpanese, M. P.
Identifiability of the mechanisms governing the reaction kinetics of MIEC electrodes in solid oxide cells 1-gen-2023 Yasin, Liam; Atkinson, Alan; Cooper, Samuel J.; Bertei, Antonio
Multiscale dynamics of charging and plating in graphite electrodes coupling operando microscopy and phase-field modelling 1-gen-2023 Lu, X.; Lagnoni, M.; Bertei, A.; Das, S.; Owen, R. E.; Li, Q.; O'Regan, K.; Wade, A.; Finegan, D. P.; Kendrick, E.; Bazant, M. Z.; Brett, D. J. L.; Shearing, P. R.
New opportunities from the microstructural and electrochemical modelling of lithium-ion battery electrodes 1-gen-2023 Bertei, Antonio; Lagnoni, Marco; Lu, Xuekun; Nicolella, Cristiano
Phase-separating active materials in lithium-ion batteries: a modelling overview with application to carbon-based anodes 1-gen-2023 Bertei, Antonio; Lagnoni, Marco; Lu, Xuekun; Ahn, Sunyhik; Chernyshov, Denis
Recycling streams for lithium-ion batteries and modelling to compensate performance loss of recycled cathode active materials 1-gen-2023 Lagnoni, Marco; Latini, Dario; Nicolella, Cristiano; Tognotti, Leonardo; Bertei, Antonio
Why charging Li–air batteries with current low-voltage mediators is slow and singlet oxygen does not explain degradation 1-gen-2023 Ahn, Sunyhik; Zor, Ceren; Yang, Sixie; Lagnoni, Marco; Dewar, Daniel; Nimmo, Tammy; Chau, Chloe; Jenkins, Max; Kibler, Alexander J.; Pateman, Alexander; Rees, Gregory J.; Gao, Xiangwen; Adamson, Paul; Grobert, Nicole; Bertei, Antonio; Johnson, Lee R.; Bruce, Peter G.
A comprehensive review and classification of unit operations with assessment of outputs quality in lithium-ion battery recycling 1-gen-2022 Latini, Dario; Vaccari, Marco; Lagnoni, Marco; Orefice, Martina; Mathieux, Fabrice; Huisman, Jaco; Tognotti, Leonardo; Bertei, Antonio
Calibration and Validation of Equivalent Circuit and Physics-Based Models for Li-ion Battery 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Scarpelli, Claudio; Barontini, Federica; Bertei, Antonio; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Puccini, Monica
Challenges in lithium-ion batteries: modelling tools to overcome performance and sustainability limitations 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Lu, Xuekun; Nicolella, Cristiano; Bertei, Antonio
Comparison of Electrolyte Transport Modelling in Lithium-ion Batteries: Concentrated Solution Theory Vs Generalized Nernst-Planck Model 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Nicolella, Cristiano; Bertei, Antonio
Compensatory measures to overcome performance limitations of recycled Li-ion battery materials 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, M.; Latini, D.; Nicolella, C.; Tognotti, L.; Bertei, A.
Design guidelines for secondary lithium-ion battery electrodes to overcome performance limitations of recycled cathode materials 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Latini, Dario; Nicolella, Cristiano; Tognotti, Leonardo; Bertei, Antonio
Enabling early detection of lithium-ion battery degradation by linking electrochemical properties to equivalent circuit model parameters 1-gen-2022 Barzacchi, Leonardo; Lagnoni, Marco; DI RIENZO, Roberto; Bertei, Antonio; Baronti, Federico
Phase field modeling of phase separation in a binary mixture in presence of external forces 1-gen-2022 Mauri, Roberto; Bertei, Antonio
Phase separation of a binary mixture with an external force field 1-gen-2022 Bertei, Antonio; Mauri, Roberto