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3D characterization of diffusivities and its impact on mass flux and concentration overpotential in SOFC anode 1-gen-2017 Lu, Xuekun; Tjaden, Benhard; Bertei, Antonio; Li, Tao; Li, Kang; Brett, Dan; Shearing, Paul
3D microstructure design of lithium-ion battery electrodes assisted by X-ray nano-computed tomography and modelling 1-gen-2020 Lu, Xuekun; Bertei, Antonio; Finegan, Donal P.; Tan, Chun; Daemi, Sohrab R.; Weaving, Julia S.; O’Regan, Kieran B.; Heenan, Thomas M. M.; Hinds, Gareth; Kendrick, Emma; Brett, Dan J. L.; Shearing, Paul R.
A comparative study and an extended theory of percolation for random packings of rigid spheres 1-gen-2011 Bertei, Antonio; Nicolella, Cristiano
A comprehensive review and classification of unit operations with assessment of outputs quality in lithium-ion battery recycling 1-gen-2022 Latini, Dario; Vaccari, Marco; Lagnoni, Marco; Orefice, Martina; Mathieux, Fabrice; Huisman, Jaco; Tognotti, Leonardo; Bertei, Antonio
A multiscale model for infiltrated SOFC anodes 1-gen-2016 Monder, D. S.; Shekhar, R. S.; Karan, K; Bertei, A.
A novel approach for the quantification of inhomogeneous 3D current distribution in fuel cell electrodes 1-gen-2018 Bertei, A.; Yufit, V.; Tariq, F.; Brandon, N. P.
A Particle-Based Model for Effective Properties in Infiltrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes 1-gen-2014 Bertei, Antonio; J. G., Pharoah; D. A. W., Gawel; Nicolella, Cristiano
A perspective on the role of the three-phase boundary in solid oxide fuel cell electrodes 1-gen-2018 Bertei, A.; Ruiz-Trejo, E.; Clematis, D.; Carpanese, M. P.; Barbucci, A.; Nicolella, C.; Brandon, N.
Advanced microstructures for electrochemical energy systems: a modelling perspective 1-gen-2019 Bertei, Antonio; Mauri, Roberto; Chueh, Chih-Che
Advanced particle-based 3D modelling of fuel cell electrodes 1-gen-2018 Bertei, A.; Yufit, V.; Tariq, F.; Brandon, N. P.
An integrated microstructural and electrochemical approach for cell-level modeling: the LSM-based Juelich cell 1-gen-2014 Bertei, A; Mertens, J; Nicolella, C.
Beyond Pretty Pictures to Useful Quantities: The Next Step in 3D Quantification of SOFC Electrodes 1-gen-2016 Tariq, F; Yufit, V; Kareh, K; Ruiz-Trejo, E; Bertei, A; Cohen, E; Kishimoto, M; Brandon, N. P.
Calibration and Validation of Equivalent Circuit and Physics-Based Models for Li-ion Battery 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Scarpelli, Claudio; Barontini, Federica; Bertei, Antonio; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Puccini, Monica
Cermet membrane reactors for oxygen separation with low silver content 1-gen-2016 Ruiz-Trejo, E; Bertei, A; Maserati, A; Boldrin, P; Brandon, N. P.
Challenges in lithium-ion batteries: modelling tools to overcome performance and sustainability limitations 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Lu, Xuekun; Nicolella, Cristiano; Bertei, Antonio
Characterization of Degradation in Nickel Impregnated Scandia-Stabilize Zirconia Electrodes during Isothermal Annealing 1-gen-2017 Chen, Jingyi; Bertei, Antonio; Ruiz-Trejo, Enrique; Atkinson, Alan; Brandon, Nigel P.
Charge transport and electrochemical reaction in porous composite electrodes for solid oxide fuel cell 1-gen-2009 Bertei, Antonio; Vatistas, N; Barbucci, A; Viviani, M; Nicolella, Cristiano
Common inconsistencies in modeling gas transport in porous electrodes: The dusty-gas model and the Fick law 1-gen-2015 Bertei, Antonio; Nicolella, Cristiano
Comparison of Electrolyte Transport Modelling in Lithium-ion Batteries: Concentrated Solution Theory Vs Generalized Nernst-Planck Model 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Nicolella, Cristiano; Bertei, Antonio
Compensatory measures to overcome performance limitations of recycled Li-ion battery materials 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, M.; Latini, D.; Nicolella, C.; Tognotti, L.; Bertei, A.