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A coalitional game-inspired algorithm for resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access 1-gen-2010 Shams, F; Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A game-theoretic perspective on code acquisition in CDMA wireless systems 1-gen-2010 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Code Synchronization for CDMA Wireless Systems 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; Bacci, G.
A New Set of Spreading Sequences that Improves Time-Delay Estimation in Satellite Positioning 1-gen-2006 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A noncooperative approach to joint rate and power control for infrastructure wireless networks 1-gen-2009 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A Pre-Bayesian Game for CDMA Power Control During Network Association 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; Bacci, G.
An energy-efficient comparison of classical detectors for CDMA code synchronization 1-gen-2010 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
An OFDMA resource allocation algorithm based on coalitional games 1-gen-2011 Shams, F.; Bacci, G.; Luise, Marco
An overview of project COMPOUND: Cooperative communications and positioning in mobile underwater networks 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; Gomes, J; Pacini, F; Bacci, G; Sanguinetti, Luca; Zorzi, M; Casari, P; Wymeersch, H; Laot, C; Houcke, S; Kebkal, O; Tevene', B.
An Approach to T&E of Military SDR Platforms and Waveforms: the LANCERS Lab 1-gen-2016 Arreghini, F.; Vitiello, C.; Manco, A.; Bacci, G.; Falzarano, M.; Luise, Marco
An approach to test and evaluation of military SDR platforms and waveforms: The LANCERS lab 1-gen-2014 Arreghini, F.; Vitiello, C.; Luise, M.; Manco, A.; Bacci, G.; Falzarano, M.
Code-aided iterative channel estimation for OFDM signals with non-binary LDPC codes 1-gen-2010 Bacci, Giacomo; DELLA MAGGIORA, Marco; Luise, Marco
Code-aided turbo channel estimation for OFDM systems with NB LDPC code 1-gen-2010 Januszkiewicz, ; Bacci, G.; Gierszal, H.; Luise, Marco
Code-aided turbo channel estimation for OFDM systems with NB-LDPC codes 1-gen-2010 Januszkiewicz, L.; Bacci, G.; Gierszal, H.; Luise, M.
Criteria to improve time-delay estimation of spread spectrum signals in satellite positioning 1-gen-2009 Zanier, Francesca; Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
Data-driven network orchestrator for 5G satellite-terrestrial integrated network: The ANChOR project 1-gen-2021 Patrone, F.; Bacci, G.; Galli, A.; Giardina, P.; Landi, G.; Luglio, M.; Marchese, M.; Quadrini, M.; Sperl(`i), C. Roseti and G.; Vaccaro, A.; Zampognaro, F.
Data-driven, real-time automation of network slice management in 5G infrastructures integrating satellite networks 1-gen-2021 Ciulli, N.; Landi, G.; Carrozzo, G.; Vaccaro, A.; Bacci, G.; Sperl(`i), G.; Gallo, A.; Patrone, F.; Roseti, M. Marchese and C.; Zampognaro, F.; Quadrini, M.
DAVINCI non-binary LDPC codes: Performance and complexity assessment 1-gen-2010 Gutierrez, I.; Bacci, G.; Bas, J.; Bourdoux, A.; Gierszal, H.; Mourad, A.; Pleftschinger, S.
Distributed Energy-Efficient Power and Subcarrier Allocation for OFDMA-Based Small Cells 1-gen-2014 Bacci, Giacomo; Veronica, Belmega; Sanguinetti, Luca
Distributed energy-efficient power optimization for relay-aided heterogeneous networks 1-gen-2014 Ivan, Stupia; Luc, Vandendorpe; Sanguinetti, Luca; Bacci, Giacomo