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Dynamic assessment of axial load in tie-rods by means of acoustic measurements 1-gen-2020 Resta, Carlo; Chellini, Giuseppe; DE FALCO, Anna
Dynamic monitoring of cultural heritage assets: the bell tower of San Francesco church in Pisa (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Lorenzo, Emanuele; Mario Azzara, Riccardo; Chellini, Giuseppe; Cieri, Emiliano; DE FALCO, Anna; Resta, Carlo; Sevieri, Giacomo
Modal identification of the San Francesco church in Pisa, Italy 1-gen-2020 Lorenzo, Emanuele; Canessa, Francesca; Chellini, Giuseppe; DE FALCO, Anna; Resta, Carlo; Elena, Savelli; Giacomo, Sevieri
Satellite and on-site monitoring of subsidence for heritage preservation: A critical comparison from Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, Italy 1-gen-2022 De Falco, A.; Resta, C.; Squeglia, N.
Sensitivity analysis of frequency-based tie-rod axial load evaluation methods 1-gen-2021 DE FALCO, Anna; Resta, Carlo; Sevieri, Giacomo
Specific Risk Maps for Cultural Heritage Materials and Airborne Pollutants: An Open Data Approach to Risk-Based Management 1-gen-2022 Bartolini, Giada; DE FALCO, Anna; Giuliani, Francesca; Iannelli, Renato; Resta, Carlo
Stakeholder-based water allocation modelling and ecosystem services trade-off analysis: the case of El Carracillo region (Spain) 1-gen-2021 Laurita, B.; Castelli, G.; Resta, C.; Bresci, E.