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Unsupervised anomaly detection in pressurized water reactor digital twins using autoencoder neural networks 1-gen-2023 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.; Santus, C.; Inoue., T.
Anomalies Detection in Structures, System and Components for Supporting Nuclear Long Term Operation Program 1-gen-2022 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
Inverse Heat Conduction Problem in Estimating Nuclear Power Plant Piping Performance 1-gen-2022 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
Li4SiO4 breeder pebbles fabrication by a sol-gel supported drip casting method 1-gen-2022 Stefanelli, Eleonora; Vitolo, Sandra; Frano, Rosa Lo; Pesetti, Alessio; Aquaro, Donato; Puccini, Monica
Lithium orthosilicate as nuclear fusion breeder material: Optimization of the drip casting production technology 1-gen-2022 Stefanelli, E.; Puccini, M.; Pesetti, A.; Lo Frano, R.; Aquaro, D.
Numerical Simulation Of Cemented RLOW For Packaging System 1-gen-2022 Lo Frano, R.; Cancemi, S. A.; Dolin, V.
Unsupervised Machine Learnig approach for NPP LTO Program 1-gen-2022 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
Aircraft impact effects on an aged NPP 1-gen-2021 Lo Frano, R.
Computational fluid dynamics thermal analysis of ITER pressure suppression tanks 1-gen-2021 Basili, L.; Lo Frano, R.; Olcese, M.; Sekachev, I.; Aquaro, D.
Pipe performance in long term operation framework: Ageing issues 1-gen-2021 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
Preliminary analysis of an aged RPV subjected to station blackout 1-gen-2021 Lo Frano, R.; Cancemi, S. A.; Darnowski, P.; Ciolini, R.; Paci, S.
Preliminary Analysis of Long-Term Performance of a Piping: Aging and Creep Effects 1-gen-2021 Cancemi, Salvatore Angelo; Lo Frano, Rosa
Preliminary investigation of Li4SiO4 pebbles structural performance 1-gen-2021 Lo Frano, R.; Puccini, M.
Preliminary study of the effects of ageing on the long-term performance of NPP pipe 1-gen-2021 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
Study of the seismic behaviour of GEN III plant: the influence of ageing 1-gen-2021 Lo Frano, R.; Cancemi, S. A.; Gehl, P.; Foerster, E.
The application of machine learning for on-line monitoring Nuclear Power Plant performance 1-gen-2021 Cancemi, S. A.; Lo Frano, R.
An improved substructuring approach for dynamic modelling – The example of the ITER vacuum vessel 1-gen-2020 Di Martino, F.; Schioler, T.; Sannazzaro, G.; Aquaro, D.; Lo Frano, R.
Analysis of feasibility of a new core catcher for the in-vessel core melt retention strategy 1-gen-2020 Lo Frano, R.; Ciolini, R.; Pesetti, A.
Education, training and mobility: towards a common effort to assure a future workforce in Europe and abroad 1-gen-2020 Ambrosini, Walter; LO FRANO, Rosa; Cizelj, Leon; Dieguez-Porras, Pedro; Urbonavicius, Egidijus; Cvetkov, Iskren; Diaconu, Daniela; Leen Kloosterman, Jan; Konings, Rudy J. M.
Feasibility of Li4SiO4 pebbles by drip casting and preliminary characterization 1-gen-2020 Lo Frano, R.; Stefanelli, E.; Puccini, M.