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Meeting the challenges of the waste hierarchy: A performance evaluation of EU countries 1-gen-2024 D’Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Romano, Giulia
Rank-two programs involving linear fractional functions 1-gen-2024 Cambini, Riccardo; D’Inverno, Giovanna
Water Utility Service Quality Index: A customer-centred approach for assessing the quality of service in the water sector 1-gen-2024 Vilarinho, Hermilio; Pereira, Miguel Alves; D’Inverno, Giovanna; Nóvoa, Henriqueta; Camanho, Ana S.
A regulatory robust conditional approach to measuring the efficiency of wholesale water supply and wastewater treatment services 1-gen-2023 Pereira, Miguel Alves; Vilarinho, H; D'Inverno, Giovanna; Camanho, As
Data Envelopment Analysis: A Review and Synthesis 1-gen-2023 Camanho, Ana S.; D'Inverno, Giovanna
On distinguishing the direct causal effect of an intervention from its efficiency-enhancing effects 1-gen-2023 Badunenko, O.; D'Inverno, G.; De Witte, K.
Performance analytics for regulation in retail water utilities: Guiding asset management by identifying peers and targets 1-gen-2023 Vilarinho, H.; D'Inverno, G.; Novoa, H.; Camanho, A. S.
Sustainable budgeting and financial balance: Which lever will you pull? 1-gen-2023 D'Inverno, G.; Vidoli, F.; De Witte, K.
The measurement of asset management performance of water companies 1-gen-2023 Vilarinho, H.; D'Inverno, G.; Novoa, H.; Camanho, A. S.
A composite indicator for measuring the environmental performance of water, wastewater, and solid waste utilities 1-gen-2022 Mergoni, Anna; D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura
Local government size and service level provision. Evidence from conditional non-parametric analysis 1-gen-2022 D'Inverno, G; Moesen, W; De Witte, K
Performance evaluation of problematic samples: a robust nonparametric approach for wastewater treatment plants 1-gen-2022 Henriques, Alda A.; Fontes, Milton; Camanho, Ana S.; D’Inverno, Giovanna; Amorim, Pedro; Silva, Jaime Gabriel
Environmental sustainability and service quality beyond economic and financial indicators: A performance evaluation of Italian water utilities 1-gen-2021 D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Romano, Giulia
Impact evaluation in a multi-input multi-output setting: Evidence on the effect of additional resources for schools 1-gen-2021 D'Inverno, G; Smet, M; De Witte, K
Preface to the special issue on performance measurement and efficiency analysis—theory and practice 1-gen-2020 Carosi, Laura; Camanho, Ana; D’Inverno, Giovanna; De Witte, Kristof; Riccardi, Rossana
School infrastructure spending and educational outcomes: Evidence from the 2012 earthquake in Northern Italy 1-gen-2020 Belmonte, A; Bove, V; D'Inverno, G; Modica, M
Service level provision in municipalities: A flexible directional distance composite indicator 1-gen-2020 D'Inverno, G; De Witte, K
Global public spending efficiency in Tuscan municipalities 1-gen-2018 D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Ravagli, Letizia
The effect of additional resources for schools with disadvantaged students: Evidence from a conditional efficiency model 1-gen-2018 De Witte, K; D'Inverno, G; Smet, M
Water pollution in wastewater treatment plants: An efficiency analysis with undesirable output 1-gen-2018 D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Romano, Giulia; Guerrini, Andrea