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13C Chemical Shielding Tensors: A Combined Solid-State NMR and DFT Study of the Role of Small-Amplitude Motions 1-gen-2011 Carignani, E; Borsacchi, Silvia; Marini, A; Mennucci, Benedetta; Geppi, Marco
A multinuclear solid-state magnetic resonance study of the interactions between the inorganic and organic coatings of BaSO4 submicronic particles 1-gen-2008 Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Lazzeri, Andrea; DI CUIA, F; Geloni, C.
A multinuclear solid-state magnetic resonance study on submicrometer-sized SiO2 particles encapsulated by a PMMA shell 1-gen-2010 Sudhakaran, Up; Freris, I; Geppi, Marco; Borsacchi, Silvia; Cristofori, D; Riello, P; Benedetti, A.
Applications of solid-state NMR to the study of organic/inorganic multicomponent materials 1-gen-2009 Geppi, Marco; Borsacchi, Silvia; G., Mollica; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
Characterization of an amylose-graft-poly(n-butyl methacrylate) copolymer obtained by click chemistry by EPR and SS-NMR spectroscopies 1-gen-2014 Borsacchi, Silvia; Lucia, Calucci; Geppi, Marco; Federico La, Terra; Calogero, Pinzino; Monica, Bertoldo
Comb-shaped polymers as nanostructure modifiers of calcium silicate hydrate: a 29Si Solid-State NMR investigation 1-gen-2013 Cappelletto, E.; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Ridi, F.; Fratini, E.; Baglioni, P.
Detailed Characterization of the Dynamics of Ibuprofen in the Solid State by a Multi-Technique NMR Approach 1-gen-2011 Carignani, Elisa; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco
Direct observation of the effects of small-amplitude motions on 13C nuclear shielding tensors by means of low-temperature 2D MAS NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2018 Carignani, Elisa; Borsacchi, Silvia; Concistrè, Maria; Johannessen, Ole G.; Geppi, Marco
Dynamics by Solid-State NMR: Detailed Study of Ibuprofen Na Salt and Comparison with Ibuprofen 1-gen-2011 Carignani, Elisa; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco
Dynamics of Clay-Intercalated Ibuprofen Studied by Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 1-gen-2019 Carignani, Elisa; Borsacchi, Silvia; Blasi, Paolo; Schoubben, Aurélie; Geppi, Marco
Facile synthesis of core-shell organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles with Amphiphilic polymer shell by one-step sol-gel reactions 1-gen-2008 Marini, M; Toselli, M; Borsacchi, Silvia; Mollica, G; Geppi, Marco; Pilati, F.
Freezing of Molecular Motions Probed by Cryogenic Magic Angle Spinning NMR 1-gen-2014 Maria, Concistre'; Carignani, Elisa; Borsacchi, Silvia; Ole G., Johannessen; Mennucci, Benedetta; Yifeng, Yang; Geppi, Marco; Malcolm H., Levitt
Highly stable plastic optical fibre amplifiers containing [Eu(btfa)3(MeOH)(bpeta)]: A luminophore able to drive the synthesis of polyisocyanates 1-gen-2014 P., Fabbri; S., Mohammad Poor; L., Ferrari; L., Rovati; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; P. P., Lima; L. D., Carlos
Improving compatibility in LDPE-silica dispersions by photo-grafting reaction. Preparation and solid state NMR investigation 1-gen-2006 Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Fallani, F; Ricci, Lucia; Ruggeri, Giacomo
Insights into Shape-Memory Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) Materials by Solid-State NMR 1-gen-2014 Borsacchi, Silvia; Katia, Paderni; Massimo, Messori; Maurizio, Toselli; Francesco, Pilati; Geppi, Marco
Interaction of Anionic Surfactans with Low Molecular Massa Polyethyleneglycols 1-gen-2002 Bernazzani, Luca; Borsacchi, Silvia; Gianni, P; Mollica, Vincenzo
Interactions at the surface of organophilic-modified Laponites: a multinuclear solid-state NMR study 1-gen-2007 Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Ricci, Lucia; Ruggeri, Giacomo; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
Interrelation between preparation conditions, structure, and mechanical reinforcement in isoprene rubber filled with in situ generated silica 1-gen-2012 Bignotti, F; Borsacchi, Silvia; de Santis, R; Geppi, Marco; Messori, M; Sudhakaran, Up
MVS-derived palladium nanoparticles deposited on polydimethylphosphazene as recyclable catalysts for Heck-type reactions: preparation, structural study, and catalytic activity 1-gen-2007 Panziera, N; Pertici, P; Barazzone, L; Caporusso, ANNA MARIA; Vitulli, G; Salvadori, Piero; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Martra, G; Bertinetti, L.
New LDPE based anion-exchange membranes for alkaline solid polymeric electrolyte water electrolysis 1-gen-2012 Faraj, M; Boccia, M; Miller, H; Martini, Francesca; Borsacchi, Silvia; Geppi, Marco; Pucci, Andrea