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A smartphone app to collect emotion-labeled signals in the wild using a body sensor network 1-gen-2022 Pistolesi, Francesco; Baldassini, Michele; Lazzerini, Beatrice
Are You Sitting with Good Posture? Tracking the Position of the Legs via 2D LiDAR 1-gen-2022 Pistolesi, Francesco; Baldassini, Michele; Lazzerini, Beatrice
Detecting happiness from 14-channel binary-valued EEG charts via deep learning 1-gen-2022 Baldassini, Michele; Pistolesi, Francesco; Lazzerini, Beatrice
End-of-life product disassembly with priority-based extraction of dangerous parts 1-gen-2021 Dalle Mura, M.; Pistolesi, F.; Dini, G.; Lazzerini, B.
A neural classifier to evaluate the role of image resolution in the perception of color differences 1-gen-2020 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco
A System for Multi-Passenger Urban Ridesharing Recommendations with Ordered Multiple Stops 1-gen-2020 D’Andrea, Eleonora; Lazzerini, Beatrice; Marcelloni, Francesco
Assessing the Risk of Low Back Pain and Injury via Inertial and Barometric Sensors 1-gen-2020 Pistolesi, Francesco; Lazzerini, Beatrice
Integration of web-scraped data in cpm tools: The case of project Sibilla 1-gen-2020 Bechini, A.; Lazzerini, B.; Marcelloni, F.; Renda, A.
Event detection from video using answer set programming 1-gen-2019 Khan, A.; Serafini, L.; Bozzato, L.; Lazzerini, B.
TeMA: A Tensorial Memetic Algorithm for Many-Objective Parallel Disassembly Sequence Planning in Product Refurbishment 1-gen-2019 Pistolesi, F.; Lazzerini, B.
Visual Reasoning on Complex Events in Soccer Videos Using Answer Set Programming 1-gen-2019 Khan, A.; Bozzato, L.; Serafini, L.; Lazzerini, B.
A neural system for faithful color reproduction in industrial printing processes 1-gen-2018 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco
An Integrated Optimization System for Safe Job Assignment Based on Human Factors and Behavior 1-gen-2018 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco
Artificial bee colony optimization to reallocate personnel to tasks improving workplace safety 1-gen-2018 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco
EMOGA: a hybrid genetic algorithm with extremal optimization core for multiobjective disassembly line balancing 1-gen-2018 Pistolesi, F; Lazzerini, B; Dalle Mura, M; Dini, G.
Multiobjective personnel assignment exploiting workers' sensitivity to risk 1-gen-2018 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco
Soccer Event Detection 1-gen-2018 Khan, Abdullah; Lazzerini, Beatrice; Calabrese, Gaetano; Serafini, Luciano
Physical activity recognition from sub-bandage sensors using both feature selection and extraction 1-gen-2017 D'Andrea, Eleonora; Di Francesco, F.; Dini, V.; Lazzerini, B.; Romanelli, Marco; Salvo, P.
UHF-RFID smart gate: Tag action classifier by artificial neural networks 1-gen-2017 Buffi, A.; D'Andrea, Eleonora; Lazzerini, B.; Nepa, P.
A Semi-Supervised Learning-Aided Evolutionary Approach to Occupational Safety Improvement 1-gen-2016 Cococcioni, Marco; Lazzerini, Beatrice; Pistolesi, Francesco