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Separation of Sets and Wolfe Duality 1-gen-2008 Giannessi, Franco; Mastroeni, Giandomenico
On the theory of Lagrangian duality 1-gen-2007 Giannessi, Franco
Constrained optimization and image space analysis. Vol. 1. Separation of sets and optimality conditions 1-gen-2005 Giannessi, Franco
Variational analysis and applications 1-gen-2005 Giannessi, Franco; A. MAUGERI E. D., S.
Variational control problems with constraints via exact penalization 1-gen-2005 Demyanov, V. F.; Giannessi, Franco; TAMASYAN G., Sh
On necessary conditions for infinite-dimensional extremum problems 1-gen-2004 Giannessi, Franco; Mastroeni, G. UDERZO A.
Equilibrium problems and variational models 1-gen-2003 P., Daniele; Giannessi, Franco; A. MAUGERI E. D., S.
Nonlinear Optimization and Applications 1-gen-1996 G., DI PILLO; Giannessi, Franco
Semidifferentiable functions and necessary optimality conditions 1-gen-1989 Giannessi, Franco
Theorems of the alternative for multifunctions with applications in optimization:general results 1-gen-1987 Giannessi, Franco
Theorems of the alternative and optimality conditions 1-gen-1984 Giannessi, Franco