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Are American homing pigeons genetically different from Italian ones? 1-gen-1990 Benvenuti, Silvano; Brown, I; Gagliardo, Anna; Nozzolini, M.
Central-place foraging in an arctic seabird provides evidence for Storer-Ashmole’s halo 1-gen-2009 ELLIOTT K., H; K., Woo; A. J., Gaston; Benvenuti, Silvano; L., Dallantonia; G. K. DAVOREN AND J. F., Piatt
Data loggers to monitor activity in wild freshwater turtles 1-gen-2001 L., Dall'Antonia; M., Lebboroni; Benvenuti, Silvano; G., Chelazzi
Directional preferences in the Autumn migration of the red admiral (Vanessa atalanta) 1-gen-1996 Benvenuti, Silvano; P., Dall'Antonia; P., Ioale'
Diving behavior of blue-footed boobies Sula nebouxii in northern Peru in relation to sex, body size and prey type 1-gen-2007 Zavalaga, C; Benvenuti, Silvano; Dallantonia, L; S. D., Emslie
Diving behaviour differs between incubating and brooding Brünnich's guillemots, Uria lomvia 1-gen-2002 Benvenuti, Silvano; Dall'Antonia, L.; Falk, K.
Do activity costs determine foraging tactics for an arctic seabird? 1-gen-2009 ELLIOT K., H; K., Woo; Benvenuti, Silvano
Effect of zinc-sulphate induced anosmia on pigeon homing: a comparison among birds in different regions 1-gen-1998 Benvenuti, Silvano; BINGMAN V., P; Gagliardo, Anna
Effects of zinc sulphate-induced anosmia of homing behaviour of pigeons 1-gen-1992 Benvenuti, Silvano; Ioale', P; Gagliardo, Anna; Bonadonna, F.
Fedeltá al luogo di svernamento e prestazioni di homing in cinque specie di Passeriformi granivori 1-gen-1990 Benvenuti, Silvano; Ioale', P; Gagliardo, Anna
Flexible foraging tactics by a large opportunistic seabird preying on forage- and large pelagic fishes 1-gen-2009 MONTEVECCHI W., A; Benvenuti, Silvano; S., Garthe; G. K. DAVOREN AND D., Fifield
Foraging areas of breeding blue-footed boobies Sula nebouxii in northern Peru, as determined by direction recorders 1-gen-2008 ZAVALAGA C., B; Benvenuti, Silvano; L. DALLANTONIA AND S., Emslie
Foraging behaviour and time allocation of chick-rearing razorbills Alca torda at Græsholmen, central Baltic sea 1-gen-2001 Benvenuti, Silvano; L., Dall'Antonia; P., Lyngs
Foraging behaviour of Thick-billed Murres breeding in different sectors of the North Water polynya: an inter-colony comparison 1-gen-2002 Falk, K.; Benvenuti, Silvano; Dall'Antonia, L.; Gilchrist, G.; Kampp, K.
Foraging flights of breeding Thick-billed Murres in Iceland as revealed by bird-borne direction recorders 1-gen-1998 Benvenuti, Silvano; Bonadonna, F.; Dall'Antonia, L.; Gudmundsson, G. A.
Foraging strategies of the black-legged kittiwake Rissa tridactyla at a North Sea colony: evidence for a maximum foraging range 1-gen-2002 Daunt, F.; Benvenuti, Silvano; Harris, M. P.; Dall'Antonia, L.; Elston, D. A.; Wanless, S.
Homing behaviour of pigeons subjected to unilateral zinc-sulphate treatment of their olfactory mucosa 1-gen-1996 Benvenuti, Silvano; Gagliardo, Anna
Homing performance of Brazilian pigeons: Do they possess a navigational map 1-gen-2004 Benvenuti, Silvano; R., Ranvaud
Influence of wing loading on the trade-off between pursuit-diving and flight in common guillemots and razorbills 1-gen-2010 C. B. THAXTER C., B; S., Wanless; F., Daunt; M. P., Harris; Benvenuti, Silvano; Y., Watanuki; D. GRÉMILLET AND K. C., Hamer
Long-term monitoring of leatherback turtle diving behaviour during oceanic movements 1-gen-2006 Sale, A.; Luschi, Paolo; Mencacci, Resi; Lambardi, P.; Hughes, G. R.; Hays, G. C.; Benvenuti, Silvano; Papi, Floriano