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A form of deviation-based method for coordinate measuring machine sampling optimization in an assessment of roundness 1-gen-2001 Rossi, Andrea
A hybrid heuristic to solve the parallel machines job-shop scheduling problem 1-gen-2009 Rossi, Andrea; Boschi, Elena
An evolutionary approach to complex job-shop and flexible manufacturing system scheduling 1-gen-2001 Rossi, Andrea; Dini, Gino
An experimental analysis of laser machining for dental implants 1-gen-2018 DALLE MURA, Michela; Dini, Gino; Lanzetta, Michele; Rossi, Andrea
An FMS dynamic scheduling system by using a hybrid evolutionary-ant colony optimization 1-gen-2004 Rossi, Andrea; Dini, Gino
Ant Colony Optimization 1-gen-2012 Santino, Madia; Francesco, Ierardi; Carlo, Tarrini; Rossi, Andrea; Lanzetta, Michele
Come scegliere il sistema CAD 1-gen-2012 Bruni, F.; Rossi, Andrea; Lanzetta, Michele
Comparing the costs of laser and abrasive water-jet technologies in engraving work on stone / Comparazione dei costi delle tecnologie laser e abrasive waterjet per lavorazioni di incisione su materiali lapidei 1-gen-2013 Fattorini, F.; Pallesi, F.; Santini, G.; Rashed, CHOUDHURY ABUL ANAM; Rossi, Andrea; Lanzetta, Michele
Direct Recycling of WC-Co Grinding Chip 1-gen-2023 Pacini, Alessio; Lupi, Francesco; Rossi, Andrea; Seggiani, Maurizia; Lanzetta, Michele
Dynamic scheduling of FMS using a real-time genetic algorithm 1-gen-2000 Rossi, Andrea; Dini, Gino
Dynamic set-up rules for hybrid flow shop scheduling with parallel batching machines 1-gen-2013 Rossi, Andrea; Pandolfi, Andrea; Lanzetta, Michele
Embedded smart sensor device in construction site machinery 1-gen-2019 Rossi, Andrea; Vila, Yanet; Lusiani, Federico; Barsotti, Ludovico; Sani, Luca; Ceccarelli, Pierfrancesco; Lanzetta, Michele
Fast genetic algorithm for roundness evaluation by the minimum zone tolerance (MZT) method 1-gen-2011 Rossi, Andrea; Antonetti, M; Barloscio, M; Lanzetta, Michele
FEM modelling of the incipient chip formation for the generation of micro features 1-gen-2022 Gharibi, Armin; Hajj-Ahmad, Amar; Rossi, Andrea; Cutkosky, Mark; Lanzetta, Michele
Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup and Transportation Times by Ant Colony with Reinforced Pheromone Relationships 1-gen-2014 Rossi, Andrea
Flexible job-shop scheduling with routing flexibility and separable setup time using ant colony optimisation method 1-gen-2007 Rossi, Andrea; Dini, Gino
Heuristics for scheduling a two-stage hybrid flow shop with parallel batching machines: application at a hospital sterilisation plant 1-gen-2013 Rossi, Andrea; Puppato, Alessio; Lanzetta, Michele
Hybrid stage shop scheduling 1-gen-2015 Rossi, Andrea; Soldani, Sauro; Lanzetta, Michele
Influence of cross-sectional geometry on mixing in a T-shaped micro-junction 1-gen-2019 Mariotti, A.; Lanzetta, M.; Dini, G.; Rossi, A.; Brunazzi, E.; Mauri, R.; Galletti, C.
Integration of hybrid additive / subtractive manufacturing planning and scheduling by metaheuristics 1-gen-2020 Rossi, A; Lanzetta, M