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Activation of brain-heart axis during REM sleep: a trigger for dreaming 1-gen-2021 Nardelli, Mimma; Catrambone, Vincenzo; Grandi, Giulia; Banfi, Tommaso; Bruno, Rosa Maria; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Faraguna, Ugo; Valenza, Gaetano
Cardiac sympathetic-vagal activity initiates a functional brain–body response to emotional arousal 1-gen-2022 Candia-Rivera, D.; Catrambone, V.; Thayer, J. F.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.
Causal Symbolic Information Transfer for the Assessment of functional Brain-Heart Interplay through EEG Microstates Occurrences: a proof-of-concept study 1-gen-2022 Manzoni, D.; Catrambone, V.; Valenza, G.
Characterization of upper limb movement-related EEG dynamics through fractional integrated autoregressive modeling 1-gen-2021 Cavaliere, L.; Catrambone, V.; Bianchi, M.; Rocha, A. P.; Valenza, G.
Characterizing Functional Directional Brain-Heart Interplay in Subclinical Depression (Dysphoria): a Preliminary Study using EEG and HRV 1-gen-2020 Catrambone, V.; Benvenuti, S. M.; Palomba, D.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.
Complexity Analysis on Functional-Near Infrared Spectroscopy Time Series: A Preliminary Study on Mental Arithmetic 1-gen-2020 Ghouse, A.; Nardelli, M.; Catrambone, V.; Valenza, G.
Complexity Modulation in functional Brain-Heart Interplay series driven by Emotional Stimuli: an early study using Fuzzy Entropy 1-gen-2022 Catrambone, V.; Patron, E.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.
EEG Complexity Maps to Characterise Brain Dynamics during Upper Limb Motor Imagery 1-gen-2018 Catrambone, Vincenzo; Greco, Alberto; Averta, Giuseppe; Bianchi, Matteo; Bicchi, Antonio; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Valenza, Gaetano
EEG Processing to Discriminate Transitive-Intransitive Motor Imagery Tasks: Preliminary Evidences using Support Vector Machines 1-gen-2018 Catrambone, Vincenzo; Greco, Alberto; Averta, Giuseppe; Bianchi, Matteo; Vanello, Nicola; Bicchi, Antonio; Valenza, Gaetano; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale
Functional Analysis of Upper-Limb Movements in the Cartesian Domain In corso di stampa Baracca, M.; Bonifati, P.; Nistico, Y.; Catrambone, V.; Valenza, G.; Bicchi, A.; Averta, G.; Bianchi, M.
Functional assessment of bidirectional cortical and peripheral neural control on heartbeat dynamics: A brain-heart study on thermal stress 1-gen-2022 Candia-Rivera, D.; Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Valenza, G.
Functional brain-heart interplay extends to the multifractal domain 1-gen-2021 Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Wendt, H.; Abry, P.; Valenza, G.
Functional Directional Brain-Heart Interplay Correlates of Dreaming: a Pilot Study 1-gen-2020 Catrambone, V.; Nardelli, M.; Faraguna, U.; Valenza, G.
Functional linear and nonlinear brain-heart interplay during emotional video elicitation: A maximum information coefficient study 1-gen-2019 Catrambone, V.; Greco, A.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
Heart rate variability in marketing research: A systematic review and methodological perspectives 1-gen-2022 Kakaria, S.; Bigne, E.; Catrambone, V.; Valenza, G.
Heartbeat Dynamics Analysis under Cold-Pressure Test using Wavelet p-Leader Non-Gaussian Multiscale Expansions 1-gen-2019 Catrambone, V.; Wendt, H.; Scilingo, E. P.; Barbieri, R.; Abry, P.; Valenza, G.
An Inhomogeneous Point-process Model for the Assessment of the Brain-to-Heart Functional Interplay: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2020 Talebi, A.; Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Valenza, G.
Instantaneous Brain-to-Heart Functional Assessment using Inhomogeneous Point-process Models: a Proof of Concept Study 1-gen-2020 Talebi, A.; Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Valenza, G.
Integral pulse frequency modulation model driven by sympathovagal dynamics: Synthetic vs. real heart rate variability 1-gen-2021 Candia-Rivera, D.; Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Valenza, G.
Intensification of functional neural control on heartbeat dynamics in subclinical depression 1-gen-2021 Catrambone, V.; Messerotti Benvenuti, S.; Gentili, C.; Valenza, G.