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Accumulation of rosmarinic acid and behaviour of ROS processing systems in Melissa officinalis L. under heat stress 1-gen-2019 Pistelli, Laura.; Tonelli, Mariagrazia.; Pellegrini, Elisa; Cotrozzi, L; Pucciariello, C.; Trivellini, A.; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, C.
Antioxidants and Phytohormones Act in Coordination to Regulate Sage Response to Long Term Ozone Exposure 1-gen-2022 Marchica, Alessandra; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa
Antioxidative responses of oak species under ozone and water stress conditions 1-gen-2018 Cotrozzi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Hoshika, Y.; Paoletti, E.; Dusart, N.; Vaultier, M-N; Gérard, J.; Jolivet, Y.
Antioxidative responses of three oak species under ozone and water stress conditions 1-gen-2019 Pellegrini, Elisa; Hoshika, Yasutomo; Dusart, Nicolas; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Gérard, Joëlle; Nali, Cristina; Vaultier, Marie-Noëlle; Jolivet, Yves; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Paoletti, Elena
Assessing photosynthetic efficiency in ornamental urban species 1-gen-2016 Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Tonelli, Mariagrazia; Pellegrini, Elisa
Can nutrient fertilization mitigate the effects of ozone exposure on an ozone-sensitive poplar clone? 1-gen-2019 Podda, Alessandra; Pisuttu, C.; Hoshika, Y.; Pellegrini, E.; Carrari, E.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.; Cotrozzi, L.; Zhang, L.; Baraldi, R.; Neri, L.; Paoletti, E.
Can the transcriptional regulation of NHX1, SOS1 and HKT1 genes handle the response of two pomegranate cultivars to moderate salt stress?: Salt-tolerance of two pomegranate cultivars 1-gen-2021 Calzone, Antonella; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Pellegrini, Elisa; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Maathuis, Frans
Chronic ozone exposure preferentially modifies root rather than foliar metabolism of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) saplings 1-gen-2022 Arab, L.; Hoshika, Y; Müller, H.; Cotrozzi, L.; Nali, C.; Tonelli, M.; Ache, P.; Paoletti, E.; Alfarraj, S.; Albasher, G.; Hedrich, R.; Rennenberg, H.
Climate change, ozone and plant life 1-gen-2019 Cotrozzi, L
Climate change, ozone and plant life 1-gen-2019 Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Pellegrini, Elisa; Nali, Cristina; Lorenzini, Giacomo
Cross‐Talk between Physiological and Metabolic Adjustments Adopted by Quercus cerris to Mitigate the Effects of Severe Drought and Realistic Future Ozone Concentrations 1-gen-2017 Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Remorini, Damiano; Pellegrini, Elisa; Guidi, Lucia; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Massai, Rossano; Nali, Cristina; Landi, Marco
Date palm responses to a chronic, realistic ozone exposure in a FACE experiment 1-gen-2021 Paoletti, Elena; Hoshika, Yasutomo; Arab, Leila; Martini, Sofia; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Weber, Daniel; Ache, Peter; Neri, Luisa; Baraldi, Rita; Pellegrini, Elisa; Müller, Heike M.; Hedrich, Rainer; Alfarraj, Saleh; Rennenberg, Heinz
Deciphering the role of low molecular weight antioxidants in the sensitivity of Melissa officinalis L. to realistic ozone concentrations 1-gen-2020 Döring, Anne S.; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Lorenzini, Giacomo; Nali, Cristina; Petersen, Maike; Pellegrini, Elisa
Defense mechanisms in Salvia officinalis under chronic ozone exposure 1-gen-2021 Marchica, A; Cotrozzi, L; Pellegrini, E; Tonelli, M; Nali, C
Differential response strategies of pomegranate cultivars lead to similar tolerance to increasing salt concentrations 1-gen-2020 Calzone, A.; Cotrozzi, L.; Pellegrini, E.; Guidi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.
Early detection of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) responses to ozone using reflectance spectroscopy 1-gen-2019 Marchica, A.; Lore, S.; Cotrozzi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Remorini, D.
Ecophysiological and biochemical events associated with the challenge of Verticillium dahliae to eggplant 1-gen-2020 Pisuttu, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Cotrozzi, L.; Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.
Ecophysiological and biochemical traits of Quercus ilex trees growing under urban stress conditions 1-gen-2020 Savi, T.; Cotrozzi, L.; Bove, F.; Bertuzzi, S.; Nali, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Nardini, A.; Tretiach, M.; Lorenzini, G.
Effects of air pollution on crops and semi-natural vegetation 1-gen-2017 Salvatori, E.; Campanella, A.; Chiesa, M.; Cotrozzi, L.; Finco, A.; Fusaro, L.; Gerosa, G.; Lorenzini, G.; Marzuoli, R.; Nali, C.; Papini, R.; Pellegrini, E.; Tonelli, M.; Manes, F.
Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus imbalance on photosynthetic traits of poplar Oxford clone under ozone pollution 1-gen-2018 Zhang, L.; Hoshika, Y.; Carrari, E.; Cotrozzi, L.; Pellegrini, E.; Paoletti, E.