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Characterisation of natural substances in ancient polychromies In corso di stampa Andreotti, Alessia; Bonaduce, Ilaria; Colombini, MARIA PERLA; Degano, Ilaria; Anna, Lluveras; Modugno, Francesca; Ribechini, Erika
The Lord of Ucupe mask from Moche culture (Peru). A multianalytical study of the materials from the metals to the adhesive 1-gen-2024 Iannaccone, R.; Ribechini, E.; Lucejko, J. J.; Bertelli, I.; Marceddu, S.; Aldana, J.; Colombini, M. P.; Brunetti, A.
Analytical Pyrolysis: A Useful Tool to Analyze and Evaluate Consolidated Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2023 Lucejko, J. J.; Bargagli, I.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Chaumat, G.; Braovac, S.; Zborowska, M.; Modugno, F.
Study of the molecular compositions of ointments from the 18th baroque pharmacy of the Capuchin monastery in Hradčany (Prague, Czech Republic) 1-gen-2023 Kudlacek, K.; La Nasa, J.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Nesmerak, K.
An Insight into Gandharan Art: Materials and Techniques of Polychrome Decoration 1-gen-2022 Lluveras-tenorio, A.; Andreotti, A.; Talarico, F.; Legnaioli, S.; Olivieri, L. M.; Colombini, M. P.; Bonaduce, I.; Pannuzi, S.
Chemical modification of wood induced by the traditional making procedures of bowed string musical instruments: the effect of alkaline treatments 1-gen-2022 Albano, Michela; Comelli, Daniela; Fiocco, Giacomo; Mattonai, Marco; Lucejko, J. J.; Zoia, Luca; Colombini, M. P.; Malagodi, Marco
Defining multiple inhabitations of a cave environment using interdisciplinary archaeometry: the ‘Christmas Cave’ of the Wadi en-Nar/Nahal Qidron, West of the Dead Sea 1-gen-2022 Rasmussen, K. L.; van der Plicht, J.; Degano, I.; Modugno, F.; Colombini, M. P.; de la Fuente, G.; Delbey, T.; Frumkin, A.; Davidovich, U.; Porat, R.; Shamir, O.; Sukenik, N.; Doudna, G.; Taylor, J.; Popovic, M.
Is this tar? Analytical pyrolysis to study the chemical composition of Alberto Burri's paint materials 1-gen-2022 La Nasa, J.; Carnazza, P.; Francone, S.; Colombini, M. P.; Modugno, F.
The Cultural Heritage of “Black Stones” (Lapis Aequipondus/Martyrum) of Leopardi’s Child Home (Recanati, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Santi, Patrizia; Pagnotta, Stefano; Palleschi, Vincenzo; Colombini, MARIA PERLA; Renzulli, Alberto
Violin Varnishes: Microstructure and Nanomechanical Analysis 1-gen-2022 Odlyha, M.; Lucejko, J. J.; Lluveras-Tenorio, A.; di Girolamo, F.; Hudziak, S.; Strange, A.; Bridarolli, A.; Bozec, L.; Colombini, M. P.
Analytical Pyrolysis and Mass Spectrometry to Characterise Lignin in Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2021 Lucejko, JEANNETTE JACQUELINE; Tamburini, Diego; Modugno, Francesca; Ribechini, Erika; Colombini, MARIA PERLA
Comparative chemical investigations of alum treated archaeological wood from various museum collections 1-gen-2021 Lucejko, J. J.; Mcqueen, C. M. A.; Sahlstedt, M.; Modugno, F.; Colombini, M. P.; Braovac, S.
Coptic textiles in Tehran: dye and fibre characterisation in four Coptic textiles preserved at the Moghadam Museum 1-gen-2021 Deyjoo, R.; Holakooei, P.; Sabatini, F.; Degano, I.; Colombini, M. P.
Correction to: Investigations of the relics and altar materials relating to the apostles St James and St Philip at the Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli in Rome (Heritage Science, (2021), 9, 1, (14), 10.1186/s40494-021-00481-9) 1-gen-2021 Rasmussen, K. L.; van der Plicht, J.; La Nasa, J.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Delbey, T.; Skytte, L.; Schiavone, S.; Kjaer, U.; Grinder-Hansen, P.; Lanzillotta, L. R.
Development of a GC–MS strategy for the determination of cross-linked proteins in 20th century paint tubes 1-gen-2021 Lluveras-Tenorio, A.; Orsini, S.; Pizzimenti, S.; Del Seppia, S.; Colombini, M. P.; Duce, C.; Bonaduce, I.
On the set of Fellini’s movies: Investigating and preserving multi-material stage costumes exploiting spectroscopic and mass spectrometric techniques 1-gen-2021 Sabatini, F.; La Nasa, J.; Guerrini, C.; Modugno, F.; Bonadio, S.; Ursino, F.; Tosini, I.; Colombini, M. P.; Degano, I.
Assessment of Water Repellent Treatments for the Stone of the Matera Cathedral Facade (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Sacchi, B.; Vettori, S.; Andreotti, A.; Rampazzi, L.; Colombini, M. P.; Tiano, P.
Chemical alteration patterns of ancient Egyptian papyri studied by Pyrolysis-GC/MS with in situ silylation 1-gen-2020 Lucejko, JEANNETTE JACQUELINE; Colombini, MARIA PERLA; Ribechini, Erika
Colourants on the wall paintings of a mediӕval fortress at the mount Sofeh in Isfahan, central Iran 1-gen-2020 Holakooei, P.; Karimy, A. -H.; Saeidi-Anaraki, F.; Vaccaro, C.; Sabatini, F.; Degano, I.; Colombini, M. P.
Dalla Chimica come bene culturale alla chimica per i beni culturali,,, e ritorno 1-gen-2020 Lucejko, JEANNETTE JACQUELINE; LA NASA, Jacopo; Modugno, Francesca; Colombini, MARIA PERLA