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A protein tyrosine phosphatase activity associated with the hepatocyte growth factor receptor 1-gen-1993 Villa, Emma; S., Lapi; M., Prat; G. GAUDINO AND P. M., Comoglio
Activation of the cdc25-C phosphatase in mitotic HeLa cells 1-gen-1993 Villa, Emma
Analysis of Protein Phgosphatase-1 isoforms with polyclonal antibodies 1-gen-1998 M., Tognarini; Villa, Emma
Binding of Phosphatase-1 delta to the retinoblastoma protein pRb involves domains that include substrate recognition residues and a pRb binding motif 1-gen-2001 M., Bianchi; Villa, Emma
Cell cycle dependent asssociation of protein phosphatase 1 and focal adhesion kinase 1-gen-2001 M., Fresu; M., Bianchi; J. T., Parsons; Villa, Emma
Differential sub-cellular localization of protein phospshatase-1 alpha, gamma-1 and delta isoforms during both interphase and mitosis in each of several different mammalian cell types 1-gen-1998 P., Andreassen; F. B., Lacroix; Villa, Emma; AND R. L., Margolis
Direct interaction between the catalytic subunit of Protein Phosphatase 1 and pRb 1-gen-2006 M., Vietri; M., Bianchi; J. W., Ludlow; S., Mittnacht; Villa, Emma
Distribution of phosphatase subunits in adherent and migrating fibroblsts and smooth muscle cells 1-gen-1997 K., Murata; K., Hirano; Villa, Emma; D. H. HARTSHORNE AND D. L., Brautigan
Expression profile of tyrosine phosphatases in HER2 breast cancer cells and tumors 1-gen-2010 Lucci, Ma; Orlandi, R; Triulzi, T; Tagliabue, E; Balsari, A; Villa, Emma
Inducible expression of catalytically active type 1 serine/threonine protein phosphatase in a human carcinoma cell line 1-gen-2003 Reeder, J. E.; Sowden, M. P.; Messing, E. M.; Klover, P.; Villa, Emma; Ludlow, J. W.
Inhibitory phosphorylation of PP1alpha catalytic subunit during G1/S transition 1-gen-1999 C. W. Y., Liu; R. H., Wang; M., Dohadwala; A. H., Schontal; Villa, Emma; N., Berndt
K-Cl cotransport modulation by intracellular Mg in erythrocytes from mice bred for low and high Mg levels 1-gen-2001 L., DE FRANCESCHI; Villa, Emma; L., Fumagalli; C., Brugnara; F., Turrini; R., Motta; E., Veghini; C., Corato; S. L., Alper; G., Berton
M20, the small subunit of PP1M, binds to microtubules 1-gen-2003 Takizawa, N.; Schmidt, D. I.; Mabuchi, K.; Villa, Emma; TUFT R., A; Ikebe, M.
Phosphorylation of Phosphatase-1 in cells expressing v-src 1-gen-1996 Villa, Emma; F., Puntoni
Phosphorylation of protein phosphatase-1 isoforms by cdc2-cyclin B "in vitro" 1-gen-1997 F., Puntoni; Villa, Emma
Proper chromatin condensation and maintenance of histone H3 phosphorylation during mouse oocyte meiosis requires protein phosphatase activity 1-gen-2007 Swain, Je; Ding, J; Brautigan, Dl; Villa, Emma; Smith, Gd
Protein phosphatase 1 activation and association with the retinoblastoma protein in colcemid-induced apoptosis 1-gen-1999 F., Puntoni; Villa, Emma
Protein phosphatase 1 binds to phospho-Ser-1394 of the macrophage-stimulating protein receptor 1-gen-2003 Santoro, M. M.; Gaudino, G.; Villa, Emma
Protein Phosphatase 1 delta associated with Focal Adhesions 1-gen-1998 Villa, Emma; Tognarini, M.; Cecchini, G.; Marchisio, P. C.
Protein phosphatase-1 and histone-H3 phosphorylation during mouse oocyte meiosis I chromatin condensation. 1-gen-2005 Swain, Je; Villa, Emma; Smith, Gd